So Long, and Thanks for All the Blood

It was a sad night in Bon Temps. HBO's series True Blood capped off seven gloriously bloody seasons with their final episode, "Thank You," on Sunday.

Don't worry- no spoilers here. We were so busy rocking out at FYF that we only got to see about two seconds of the episode.

Specifically, these two seconds:

But oh, the memories. The gory, sexy blood bath that was True Blood spilled out into all areas of our culture over the last six years. Even Sesame Street got in on the fun. And what fun it was. For instance, who could forget this Rolling Stone cover? 

Yowzas. That alone merits some sort of prize.

As our own Thank You to True Blood, we're giving away an iPhone case to each of our favorite True Blood characters. And we're not just handing these things out randomly. We put a lot of thought into this. Want to know who's getting what? Read on:

Sookie Stackhouse

There would be no True Blood without Sookie (though we've given the idea a lot of thought). And while she can be kind of a spoiled #Princess at times, we decided that she is, above all, a beauty. And, much like a luscious rose, vampires swoon at the smell of her sweet fairy scent. So Sookie gets the Lolita iPhone case.


Pam Swynford De Beaufort

Let's face it- no one looks that good for 100+ years without a little effort. And for Ms. Pamela Beaufort, the effort pays off in a big way. A little makeup every morning, and this perennial hottie still looks as fresh as the day she died. As such, we're offering her the Compact iPhone case. 


Bill Compton

Bill Compton. King Bill. Vampire Bill. Billith.

He's a man of many names, and many stories. If we had time, we'd go out and make a custom case, just for him. Since we're a little bit strapped for time, we thought this Silver Mirror case might be appropriate. (Don't worry, Bill. It's not real silver).

As Bill tells us himself early on in the series, many of the earliest vampire myths were created by vampires, many centuries ago. Like that old yarn about vampires not having reflections? Yeah, that's not true. But it was a darn good way to fool people into thinking you were human. Now if Bill could just convince us that he wasn't devilishly handsome...


Alcide Herveaux

We won't lie. This one didn't take a lot of thought. Alcide was, by far, our favorite werewolf on the show. Like the tides, Mr. Herveaux was ruled by the Moon. As such, we're offering him our Moon iPhone case, lest he forgets his true master.


Eric Northman

Oh sweet, sweet Eric. This 1,100 year-old former Viking warrior, dubious club-owner and Vampire Sherrif stole our hearts from the moment we met him. Fun fact- he's the oldest vampire (still) alive on True Blood. Longevity is a good trait to have. But the trait we're honoring today is dreaminess. Look at that beautifully strange, pale face. He makes our insides feel like a litter of puppies rolling around in holographic confetti. Eric Northman, this Andromeda Hologram iPhone case is for you:


Lafayette Reynolds

Last but not least, we honor the most flamboyant clairvoyant around. Well, technically, he's a medium. He's also a drug dealer. But mostly- he's the heart and soul of True Blood, and one of the reasons we kept coming back again and again.

But what do you give a man who can talk to dead people? How about the Dead Head iPhone case, an accessory as funky and supernatural as he is.

Lafayette, we just might miss you the most.

Did we miss anyone? What would you give your favorite characters as a parting gift? Let us know in the comments below, or by finding us on Twitter & Facebook.

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