Separated at Birth

Sometimes you meet someone that looks like someone and for a second you can't figure out who, but of course it hits you 45 minutes later. This happens from time to time when we binge click on Pinterest and find images that totally vibe with Zero Gravity iPhone cases.

From fashion inspirations to art, there's some serious doppelgänger looks going on here!

We like to call this series, "Separated at Birth":

Hologram (Fierce!) Headpiece // Atlantic Hologram iPhone 5/5S  

Skateboard Art Piece // Dripped iPhone 5/5S

Outfit // Andromeda Hologram iPhone 5/5S 

Gold Leaf Makeup // Gold Mirror iPhone 5/5S

Flamingo in the Pool // Bahama iPhone 5/5S

Twiggy Art Piece // Lolita iPhone 5/5S


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