4 iPhone apps for #selfies

It's almost a given that throughout the day you might have the urge for a #selfie or 2 (or 3). And to make sure you have the right tools for the best selfie, we found these 4 apps that can help induce a heart like.

Behold the iPhone #selfie help apps: 

1. Aviary (Free) 

Use this photo editing app to add some fun to your pics! Aviary basically has you covered for all editing essentials: filters, frames, touch-up tools (including teeth whitening!) and stickers (who doesn't love photo stickers?!).

2. CamME (Free)

Ever wish your arms were longer for a better selfie? Welllll this app snaps a photo of you with the power of a hand gesture. Great for group selfies and even better for solo ones. It also has a photo booth function for those days when one shot just isn't enough. 

3. Mextures ($1.99) 

If your addicted to filters, THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU! With over 130+ filters, this app allows you to layer on textures and film grains to help you create the most unique photo. They also include polish options which allows you to edit with 26 different tools. An app for those days when you feel artsy.

4. Facetune ($2.99)

No ones perfect, and sometimes a dreaded pimple totally ruins your selfie. But never fear, Facetune to the rescue! Now your blemish worries are OVER! With this app you can photoshop a pesky pimple in just one tap. Also change your eye color, refine your smile, brighten dark circles under eyes and LOTS more. It's your magical beauty wand that literally does it all. A perfect emergency app for those not so great days when you just want to hashtag #Iwokeuplikethis. Because let's face it, NO ONE WAKES UP LIKE THAT.

#Selfie iPhone case 5/5s

Silver Mirror iPhone 4/4S | iPhone 5/5S

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