September 24, 2014


Peace Out Summer

Summer is officially over and the breeze of Fall is finally upon us. Much like any long distance relationship, we MISSED FALL LIKE CRAZY! It's not only time for a wardrobe change, but also time to set our minds for holidays (Halloween, Christmas, New Years...OH MY!). Are you ready?! Here are some of the things that might ease your mind and get you excited for what's to come:

Longer nights: When the time changes you know your officially in the "Fall Zone". This extra hour of darkness means more time for the moon, stars, bon fires (s'mores), and outdoor movies. Layering is also a fashion staple we missed, finally you can unwrap your flannel from your waist and wear it! Oh and of course extra time for your glow in the dark cases. *winky face*

Fine Line iPhone Case
5/5S | 6

Moon iPhone Case 

4/4S | 5/5S | 5C | 6 | 6 Plus 


Fall Leaves: We love color! Who doesn't love seeing orange and red leaves on the floor?! It's the most beautiful time to hang on the other side of the color spectrum. And let's face it, the breeze makes it a lot easier for those "on wednesdays we wear black" days. Goth-knows we try! 

Dripped iPhone Case
5/5S |
Dead Head iPhone Case
4/4S | 5/5S | 5C | 6 | 6 Plus 
Soup Days: If you're a foodie, then you know Fall is the real time for snuggle food!  Food that you can eat in bed, and snuggle in blankets while watching netflix (It's fun we promise!). Basically, it's time to bust out mom's recipes for home brewed soups, roasts, and her infamous mac n' cheese. right! BON APPÉTIT!
Moon Soup iPhone Case
4/4S | 5/5S | 5C | 6 | 6 Plus  
These are only a few of our fall favorites, what are you excited for? 

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