October 02, 2014



Inspired by the new Grimes video (which has been on repeat), we wanna talk about all great things that GLOW.
Because who doesn't like things that G L O W ?
Here is a run down of AMAZING glow-in-the-dark products that are anxiously awaiting to be used on the darkest of nights:

Nail Polish:

Get your nails did right with a glowing set. Add designs or paint the whole nail for a bold look.

Glow in the Dark by American Apparel

Neon Lipstick:

Pucker up with lips that light up. Let your mouth guide you through the night. 

Stilla "Afterglow Lip Color"

Hair Color:

The most stand out way to glow is by coloring your do with a black light friendly dye. For sure you'll be the light of the party.

Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

Zero Gravity iPhone Case:

Obviously, the only way to ELEVATE YOUR LOOK is with our glow-in-the-dark cases. That added glow will take you from a #basic glow to a #notbasic glow. You decide which hashtag you wanna be...

Zodiac iPhone Case:
5/5S | 6
Fine Line iPhone Case
5/5S | 6 
Moonstone iPhone Case
5/5S | 6

So the question is: How do you glow?

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