All Black Everything

Tis the season for all black everything. The most appropriate time of year for black is deathly upon us. Not like "all black everything" ever wasn't an option for every day wear, but for October it's a traditional color palette. So in honor of black and Halloween, we felt obliged to honor the horror babes who started it all:

Elvira"Mistress of the Dark"

Elvira AKA "Mistress of the Dark" is certainly a horror TV icon who paved the way for the all black uniform. A female of the dark that not only showed her dark curves, but her comedic relief in the dark world of horror. And we're almost positive she started the acronym LBD (Long Black Dress). Even if she only had multiples of this LBD in her closet, it was a uniform that no one has ever been tired of seeing.
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Wednesday Addams

The daughter of the infamous Addams family, this babe of the week is a dark force to be reckoned with. Her piercing eyes and one-liners will def. send you to your grave. With that said, Wednesday also used this minimal attitude approach to her wardrobe. She was an essentials type of girl and it showed in her simple yet black chic attire. A trend that I'm sure all monochromatic designers took influence from. Wednesday was not only a fashion icon, but a horror babe who knew how to get things done. And in our book that's a dark horse we'd love to have in our girl gang! 
And for your viewing pleasure, we are currently OBSESSED with this "Adult Wednesday" YouTube series by Melissa Hunter! She really hits the nail on the head with her ode to a more mature and wiser Wednesday. With the same morals and dark attire, Melissa gives life to a Wednesday who is trying to understand the LA lifestyle (MAJOR LOL'S).
And with that we say, YOU GO GLEN COCO!
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Lydia Deetz

Lydia Deetz, the artistic ghost hunter was known for her dark accessories (and we're not talking about her ghost friends). Her wardrobe accessories all functioned amazingly with her every day funeral look. Her spiked fringe also is a style worth mentioning as it added to her attire and the classic wide brim hat (which is currently having a moment). As you see below mixing textures of black is the way to go to achieve a Lydia Deetz inspired look. 
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Nancy Downs

Nancy Downs is not your typical teenager, nor is her girl gang. With the powers to make your hair fall off, she is NOT a girl to piss off. Aside from her attitude, she def. had the ultimate 90's goth punk wardrobe (which we die for!)! Spikes, leather and fish nets was an everyday look for Nancy (as well as a matte black lip). This all black look went along well with her witch-like tendencies, but also inspired a genre of witches to move on from the classic pointy hats and get down with the combat boots. A switch of attire that we are VERY MUCH into! Nancy def. set the mold for the future of witches. ALL HAIL MANON! 
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