Color Me Mine

So if you don't know by now, we don't like playing by the rules. Fall is here and every magazine is demanding to "dye your hair dark", well we say DYE YOUR HAIR WHATEVER COLOR YOU WANT!


Currently we've been stalking (on the daily) BLEACH London. Which is an amazing hair salon in London that specializes in color (all types of color). The abundance of inspiration coming out of that rainbow heaven is down right incredible.   

They are def. pumping out some MAJOR hair envy vibes. I mean look at this peachy goodness in action! 

But let's keep it real, bleaching your hair platinum is not a walk in the park. Without the proper professional care you can harm your hair to the point of breakage (THE WORST). So we would HIGHLY suggest to get professional help if you are feeling inspired to go down the rabbit hole of color. But trust me, it's a fun ride when all the hard work is done. Just remember patience is key at achieving anything in life, so don't expect a perfect shade the first time around. 

Take a look at this excerpt from BLEACH London's hair bible, which gives you the Do's & Don'ts + determines your level of bleach addiction:

Are you feeling the color fever yet???

Whether it's baby steps (dip dye):

or full throttle:

Whatever you decide, we're full supporters of you being you! Because like our favorite hash tag suggest #ElevateYourLook and own it. 

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