Too Much is Never Enough

When it comes to accessories, we say the more the merrier! Today it seems like accessories are currently running the show. With chokers, flash tattoos, fake septum rings and of course iPhone cases (duh!) you truly can never have enough additives. So to make it a little easier when your browsing down the accessory aisle, we lined up our favorites that are on our #NEED list.


Fake it till you make it:

The (fake) Septum Ring 

The faux nose ring is having a moment and for some it's a great thing, because it's a painless accessory (which is honestly the best part!). This is a great alternative to the real deal and it could even be a sample test run if you've been itching for a permanent nose ornament. Either way, the added accent gives a fierce look to your everyday style. Work it girl! 


Holding on:

The Choker

From the 90's till now this fashion accessory has been reborn again into the accessories aisle. A tough statement that can easily be made an everyday look (your very own fashion staple). A great look for fall and a great way to dress up a grunge look (obvi!). 


Excuse me, did you say something?:

The Ear Cuff

No longer are ear rings just for your ear lobes. This statement piece def. needs it's spotlight on center stage. Which means, hair must be tucked behind the ear or up to show off this accessory. A small task for such a great look that will encourage a second look and maybe even a "Where did you get that?".


Handle it!:


To be honest, you can never have enough rings. You can stack them up on every finger (which is recommended). Mid-rings, knuckle rings, to nail rings (yes, they make them for your nails too) just make sure your armed and ready!


Talk to Me:

The iPhone Case

Obviously your iPhone is more then just an accessory, it's YOUR L-I-F-E! Because, who doesn't freak out when you find out you don't have your phone in your hand?! It most certainly is an everyday #NEED that would be on our list of 3 items to bring on a deserted island. So now that we're on the same page of how important our iPhone is, why not give it an accessory? Elevate it's look to compliment you. An iPhone shouldn't be a boring #basic smart phone, it should have it's moment just like these other accessories. And more importantly it should compliment it's owner...YOU!

So which Zero Gravity case speaks to you?


Mouth Off iPhone case:

4/4S | 5/5S | 5C | 6 | 6 Plus

Compact iPhone case:

4/4S | 5/5S | 5C |  6 | 6 Plus


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  • Johannah

    Any ideas where I can get those rings ?

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