October 23, 2014


Dancing Ghouls

By now you should be going through your check list for all the last minute things for Halloween night:
Costume? CH-CH-CHECK
Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte Soy, no whip cream (ok, double whip cream)? CHECK
Pumpkins? CHECK
Pumpkin candles? CHECK
Fake cobwebs for the real cobwebs? CHECK
Candy for the trick or treaters? CHECK
Candy for yourself? CH-CH-CHECK
Ghoulish tunes? Uhhh....
Don't fret my pets we got that covered!
Check out this Halloween playlist by Timeout.com that hits all the high notes for having yourself a monstrous good time:
AND if you still need more variety here is a list we found from POPSUGAR:
Get down and get spooky!
R.I.P iPhone case:
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