Movie Night?

Sometimes a movie night just feels right, and we totally understand. Not every Friday night has to be an all night bar hop/rage-fest. A night of pizza, wine and good company can turn out to be the best night ever.

We put together a check list for a full night of good flicks and some must-eat-treats for a well justified night in. Check out the 5 must-haves:

1. PJ's: It's important to be extremely comfortable, and any elastic waist pants will really make a difference when you're knee deep in a deep dish and popcorn. Tonight is def. not a fashion show. So leave those skinny jeans at home. #JustSaying

2. Order a pie (and we're not talking about an apple pie): Call your favorite delivery guy/gal and go HAM (literally) on your favorite slice of cheesy heaven. Hawaiian is totally our main squeeze of the moment (yum).

3. Beverages: Now if you're of the drinking age (21+) then a nice two-buck-chuck or a Bevmo 5 cents deal is the star of the show. Nothing pairs well with a pizza slice then a great cheap wine (we know more about this then you know). 

4. Snacks: Now did you really think Pizza was enough? For a back-to-back screening a variety of snacks help cleanse the palate and keep things rolling. Popcorn, Bon Bons, sour patch kids and some left over Halloween candy can really get the party started. Sugar always helps make any night fun!

5. Netflix/Redbox: Now this is where things get tricky, depending on the mood of the crowd you should rent/queue some movies that are classic, funny or nostalgic. Word to the wise: Showing a movie no one has seen could go south and make things either awkward or boring. Classics are always your best bet! 

Mean Girls: Ultimate classic for a girls night!

And there's even a drinking game:



Heathers: The classic "Mean Girls", because no one is bitchier then a Heather.

The Craft: The cult classic about a girl group who you def. don't want to mess with.

Pretty in Pink: Because who doesn't love a good 80's flick?


And for a good marathon night:

GIRLS (duh!): Might as well catch up, because season 4 starts JANUARY 11 (Can't wait!!!)


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