January 06, 2015


Confessions of a Badass Babe: Alex Strangler

Inspired by go-getters and badass babes in general, this series is basically me spending time with women who built and followed their own yellow brick road (and then re-painted it the color they wanted when it was finished). From how they're Buffy the Vampire slaying it, to who they've been double-tapping on instagram. I get to the bottom of how they became the badass babes they are today.

Back for round 2 of this series, and I couldn't help but connected with painter/tattooer Alex Strangler. Known for her colorful and bold skin art, she's def. one badass babe you need to know. You can bless your skin with her talents in L.A. (Studio City, CA) at Dolorosa Tattoo, or you can purchase one of her amazing paintings on her esty shop. Either way this girl is making moves and leaving her mark (literally!). Learn more about Alex below and check out her amazing tattoos and daily drawings on her instagram @AlexStrangler (with special appearances by Bubs! *insert emoji heart eyes*)

Let's start with the basics, you draw/color amazing pieces of art on bodies and paper, when did your love for color and drawing begin?
I guess I’ve always been interested in art from early on in life… Tattooing is an interesting medium; you really become a student of all kinds of art and styles. I am always learning new ways to express myself, and I think I’ve always been like this since I was a child…
What is your tattoo style, and what inspires you to draw on the daily?
Well, my kung­fu fighting style is Exploding Eagle Claw/Disappearing Dragon…I wouldn’t say I have a specific “style” per say… It is more like a collaboration of my experiences early on in tattooing through the present day that has allowed me to develop as an artist... I would say I have a “niche” in tattooing… Much like how certain tattooers are well versed in black and grey or traditional Japanese styles. I fall into the category of “American traditional” tattooing by default. Bold thick outlines, black shading and bright, vibrant colors, that’s my style… But labeling styles in the construct of artistic
expression is almost impossible. We are all artists, just trying to make a living doing what we love, and that is the most important thing to me…Inspiration is a weird animal… Obviously, I get inspired by things, people and other artists that I love… Tattooing itself can be very inspired work, especially if you surround yourself with talented artists and like­minded friends. Clearly pop­culture is a driving force in my work, but I get inspiration from as many sources as possible. I think that teaching yourself to always be learning is the best form of inspiration…
Where do you tattoo?
Mostly, I tattoo here in L.A. (Studio City, CA) at Dolorosa Tattoo, but there are several places I love doing guest spots, like Taylor St. Tattoo in Chicago and Black Label Tattoo in Maryland, just to name a few…
What tattoo artist has been a big influence on your career?
I’m not sure I could name just one person… My mentor was a big influence, and all the people I work with here in L.A. and all my friends and peers all over the world…They all help (or have helped) me grow as an artist/person/tattooer… So I guess the answer is “everyone” ­Thank you!
Two part question: Tattoo artist (past or present), who would you want to tattoo you right
now AND who would you want to tattoo (past or present)?
This is a difficult question… When you get tattooed, especially if you are heavily tattooed, you tend to want people you know, and your friends to tattoo you more and more. It is just a better overall experience; it’s more fun that way… Since there are so many great artists past and present it would be hard to pick someone that you don’t have some sort of personal connection with… Conversely, the same goes for tattooing someone as well… I don’t wanna tattoo jerks, and I don’t wanna get tattooed by jerks either… Ha­ha!
You recently tattooed at Hello Kitty’s 40th Birthday bash at MOCA, who is your favorite Sanrio character? And how many tattoos did you do that weekend?!
I like all of them! They are all fun tattoos to make on people. I’m not sure how many I did… But I did tattoo Katy Perry’s finger… so, I did at least one tat! Ha­ha!
A common theme I’ve found with Bad Ass Babes is a furry best friend. Looks like you have a furry friend on your Instagram, who is that!? Does he ever assist you at work?
BUBS!!! He’s my best friend! I found him wandering the streets of L.A. a couple years back… It was love at first sight! He’s a little-fuzzy-goofball, but I love him anyway. He books all my appointments and handles all my social media feeds… He is very resourceful for an animal with no thumbs…
3 Emojis that best describe you?
x 3…
List 3 things you carry in your bag daily?
Keys. Gum. Hand­grenade.
What song is your guilty pleasure? The one you hate to love, but know all the words too. (We all have one)
Hustlin’ by Rick Ross! (CAR PARTY!)
Cartoon tattoos seem to be a theme of tattoo requests for you, what was your favorite cartoon growing up?
The Simpsons, Beavis & Butthead, Ren & Stimpy and Family Guy.
Any advice for an aspiring female tattoo artist?
Don’t start…The world needs more doctors, not more tattooers…
But if you really want to learn this way of life, do it the right way, have the right people teach you, learn your history first, take your time and be patient, don’t skip steps or rush the process… This is a LIFESTYLE not just a job. The harder you work the better you will be… Give respect, get respect! But this life is not for everyone; your heart and head have to be in it for ALL the right reasons, and if they are not you will fail. You are not only representing yourself, but the people and traditions that came before you and this is a heavy burden to carry for anyone and sometimes I get it wrong and have to be better and learn more and start over… All these things make you better, also be prepared to not know ANYTHING about tattooing until you’ve done it for about 10 years… Accept all criticism, constructive or otherwise…
If you can’t do all of these things you should probably do something else, like a said, the world needs more doctors, not tattooers… and in 10 years you’ll probably be a better doctor than tattooer…
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