February 19, 2015


Unicorn Hair

Planning on dying your hair a rainbow hue? Can't decide which color to pick?

Well check out this color guide from Refinery 29, they help pair your skin tone with a perfect shade of the rainbow. Way more accurate than closing your eyes and pointing at a color chart.

Fair Skin With Cool Undertones
“Whatever you put onto your [hair] will project itself onto your skin tone,” Darling says. So, if you’ve got pink undertones, it’s time to flaunt 'em — light-pink dyes will complement the hues in your face. Darling specifically recommends "sunset tones," like strawberry and even orange. Got freckles? Darling says peach would be perfect.

Fair Skin With Warm Undertones
If your skin has a golden glow, jump on the blue-hues train, ASAP. Think pastels like lavender, baby-blue, and aqua. And, consider yourself lucky, since mermaid hair is totally in vogue.

Medium Skin With Warm Undertones
Try jewel tones, like blue and emerald green. Consider yourself a bright, bold mermaid with hair as rich and colorful as underwater treasure. Still hankering for a pastel? Try a jewel tone first, and wait for it to fade. It’ll be light, but still flatter your skin tone.

Dark Skin With Warm Undertones
Think twice before you cast deeper hues, like plum and ruby, aside, as they're going to be the most flattering. “Everyone wants that pastel look, but that doesn’t necessarily always look the best,” Darling says. Sultry shades bring out the gorgeous, warm undertones in dark skin. Oh, and did we mention these colors are ridiculously “in” for Fall? No matter what you wear, you’re bound to look fashion-forward with it on your noggin.

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