Confessions Of A Bad Ass Babe: Esther kim

Inspired by go-getters and badass babes in general, this series is basically me spending time with women who built and followed their own yellow brick road (and then re-painted it the color they wanted when it was finished). From how they're Buffy the Vampire slaying it, to who they've been double-tapping on instagram. I get to the bottom of how they became the badass babes they are today.

From LA to Tokyo, Esther Kim literally drew her way into my heart. Not only a badass babe to mention, but she is also one of the FIRST artists to collaborate with Zero Gravity for their new sticker series (a must-have addition to your ZG purchase). From her nails to her socks Esther keeps it colorful, personalized and fashionable (just like her drawings). Don't believe me? Check out her Instagram for her daily drawings and emoji induced selfies which that will make you rethink your selfie game (FYI: Her hand drawn Emojis are currently on the Line Camera app). And if you become totally obsessed like me, grab some goodies from her online store as well. But first, read more about her and the inspiration behind the Zero Gravity sticker collaboration below:


How long have you been drawing?
I've been drawing professionally since 2007! I didn't start drawing as a hobby until I was about to graduate from college. So I'm self-taught and still learning!
How do you find inspiration?
While its true that inspiration is all around you. I believe its important to push yourself to find/seek/make new things. I heard somewhere that water boils at 99 degrees. It's not 98 degrees so if you want to make something new you have to push until you breakthrough. But in general I love magazines like Pop, I-D, Lula, Vivi, Elle Collections, Nylon, street style, cities like Tokyo and Seoul, my friends, bad experiences, good experiences, yes, a lot of things.

Favorite medium to use?
I would say my hands and mind!
The sticker collection you created for Zero Gravity is AMAZING! What inspired you for this collaboration?  

We are all so connected to our phones, physically/mentally/socially why not take some time to personalize it and make it your own. The stickers are meant to be playful and tongue-in-cheek capturing fun things that I love: coffee (everyday necessity), chips, texting cats!

Growing up what was your favorite cartoon or illustrated figure?  
From Sanrio I loved Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Keroppi and Hello Kitty. I also had a Rainbow Brite/Strawberry Shortcake stage very briefly and I remember liking a Korean talking dinosaur character named Dooli.

Gaining inspiration from Tokyo to LA, what is your favorite outfit staple that you own?  
As I get older, cough, cough, I find that I really value comfort!! I feel the best when I'm comfortable as opposed to my no pain, no gain mentality of my twenties! So I've fallen in love with sneakers and loafers and Birkenstocks and all sorts of ugly flat shoes. 
3 emojis that best describe you?
Most used iPhone app?
I love editing photos so my go to apps are all photos apps. I would say I use Afterlight, Insta-size and Line Camera the most. In Line Camera I can use tons of filters and decorate pictures with my own Estherlovesyou stickers so that's a double plus! 
Who’s Instagram feed is making you double tap on the daily?  
I'm so addicted to Instagram. I love following creative people from around the world. Lately, I love: @yerinb she's a singer from K-pop ground 15 &
@humanofny captures the stories of everyday people in such a succinct and touching way on the daily @ashleywilliamslondon is a cool British designer her clothes make me want to cry because I want them all
@sarasboul is a super artsy quirky cool bag designer
@keemwj is a Korean model and clothing designer. He and his friends are creating a cool new Korean fashion scene and it's interesting to watch!

There are so many! As an artist, I think I'm a natural voyeur so I could talk about this all day.
Give us 3 essentials that Esther Kim needs daily?
I need moisturizer(LA is so dry), my mom's cooking(it's a love letter to my stomach), and coffee(cliche but true, I'm a better person once I've had some).

When you have free time where do you like to hang in LA?  

I'm usually hanging out at a thrift store, Korean cafe or looking for parking. 

What’s happening in your world? Any new projects?
I have a new set of Estherlovesyou stickers coming out on Line Camera very soon!! Please watch out for them!! :-)

Erin AKA @eatherbrains


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