May 08, 2015


RAD Moms

Mothers Day is this weekend and it only seems necessary to highlight the RAD moms that we grew up with via the tube (TV). Because deep down, you secretly wished you had a blue haired mom who rocked a green tube top dress like no other (Am I right?). See below the moms who technically watched us everyday after school. 


Marge Simpson:

This blue haired bombshell, was always so patient and understanding. With a son like Bart, she for sure won Mother of the year every year.

Peggy Bundy:

Peggy is the polar opposite of Marge, expect the big hair.  Her motherly duties consisted of shopping and watching TV. The infamous nagging wife who used every opportunity to humiliate her husband Al about his job. As dysfunctional as this family was, Peggy did know how to wear spandex with everything and her ahir was a piece of art. A mother who you'd be embarassed of but also proud at the end of the day.


First off, who didn't want to be a teenager in the 70's?! Watching the Forman's made me want to buy all the bell bottoms and knee high socks I could find since Kelso was into that (wink wink). But really, who woud'nt die for a mom named Kitty?! She was beyond halarious and a nurse who always was looking after everyone. The best part was when she got mad, because hearing her little voice blurp out profanity was my favortie part. 

Who was your favorite TV mom?


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