Goals! Goals! Goals!

Winter blues got you down babes? With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to set your eyes on some goals for your best year yet: 2016. Get your power playlist going to set the ambitious mood for the new year and go get 'em! Shoutout to Refinery29 for the sweet pics and horoscopes!
Sagittarius Goals Forecast
Since you hate being bored, you’ve been known to make yourself a little TOO busy. This week, the stress levels could creep up — and that’s no way to spend your birthday season. It might be essential to bow out of a commitment or give yourself a longer timeline for finishing everything up. (Really, would it be the end of the world if you saved a project for January? Probably not.) Another option? Delegating some duties instead of being such a DIY-er. This might require a budget or some spotlight sharing, so make sure that it’s really worth the investment. 

A fantasy-fueled chapter opens up for your love life this Friday, when Venus takes an enchanted three-week voyage through Scorpio and your dreamy 12th house. While you might not have the best boundaries (pass on that third drink at the office’s holiday party) your dropped defenses could give a shyer crush an opening to come and talk to you. For some Archers, this Venus cycle could be bittersweet, forcing you to deal with the fact that you’ve outgrown a relationship. Take a time out if you’re feeling claustro, though. Absence CAN make the heart grow fonder. Venus is also the celestial stylist. This sentimental cycle sends you straight to the vintage aisles. You might even incorporate a piece from your grandmother (or maybe get that cocktail ring she gave you updated into a cool cuff).
Capricorn Goals Forecast
How much is too much, Capricorn? With Wednesday’s quarter moon in your house of expansion, you may realize that you’ve been overshooting the mark. Perhaps you don’t need to add ALL of those bells, whistles, and bling. (Um, are you exhausted yet?) There’s beauty in minimalism, after all, and you can still crush it with a simplified plan. On the flip side, have you been playing it too safe? This lunation nudges you out of your comfort zone. Talk to strangers — especially if they are from another culture, scene, or corner of the world. Those so-called differences could create a real spark!

Your interest in all things unusual heats up further on Friday, when love planet Venus enters your eccentric 11th house. The buttoned-up bankers and baseball-cap-sporting bros just ain’t cuttin’ it for ya between now and the 30th. Pink hair, leather jackets, badass tattoos? Why yes, please. While intriguing people tend to wear their style on their sleeves, be careful not to judge every book by its cover. A beautiful mind is far more compelling than anything during this Venus cycle, so give the geeks a chance, too. Keep swiping right if you’re single, as digital dating gets an extra bump from Venus’ beams. Over the weekend, don’t let worries about what your friends and family will think prevent you from following YOUR dreams and desires. You don’t have to explain, justify, or even share your latest “controversial” move with them. At least wait until you’re feeling a little more confident before bringing them in on it.
Aquarius Goals Forecast
Edgy Aquarius, you don’t suffer fools gladly. In fact, we kind of feel sorry for anyone who steps to you with weak game. With your comedic chops, they won’t come through unscathed. But this Wednesday’s quarter moon sounds the call for (a little more) compassion. You can simply walk away or deliver the death stare instead of going, er, “nutcracker” on ‘em. Rewind and be kind! And are you still feeling guilty for going off earlier this year on someone who’s actually super cool? Extend the olive branch this week. A genuine apology will set you both free.

On Friday, amorous Venus heads into your prestigious 10th house until the 30th, sounding a power-couple alert. Don’t settle for less than Grade-A arm candy this season, even if that means polishing up your adorably boho bae. Dress-up dates will be your thing and you could meet a hot prospect at an invite-only event. This Venus cycle also brings an end-of-year career boost. Socialize strategically, because you could meet your future boss, investor, or business party at a holiday soiree. Careful of the TMI this weekend! Laying too much on the table too soon could scare a good one off.
Pisces Goals Forecast
That hotline bling is going off this week! But you’re in no rush to pick up. With Wednesday’s quarter moon in your house of relationships, you’re assessing what you really want and need from the people in your life. But once you figure it out, don’t expect them to read your mind. From BFFs to bedroom buddies, you’re responsible for vocalizing your needs. Before you bail, summon the courage to communicate. If they’re truly into you, they’ll AT LEAST want to work out a compromise!

Fortunately, Venus swoops in on Friday, helping you with your quest to be more candid. Until December 30, she’ll twerk through Scorpio and your outspoken ninth house. In addition to blurting out the first thing on your mind, this Venus cycle opens you open to a new type — or three. Cross-cultural and long-distance relationships could heat up. If you’re already involved, there couldn’t be a better time for traveling together. Don’t just go home for the holidays, enjoy some “honeymoon” vibes, too. Keep your jealousy in check this weekend! Just because the object of your affections in conversing with someone for more than a few seconds, doesn’t mean you have to hire a PI to find out if they’re cheating. You’re a little too quick to jump to conclusions, though. Get the fact BEFORE you react!
Aries Goals Forecast
Word of the week: streamline. Wednesday’s quarter moon in Virgo sounds the call for a simpler, more systematic approach to everything. If you can’t lifehack it, let someone else help you take it to the finish line. This is the week to delegate, outsource, and even hire some assistance for a few hours here and there. Keep those yoga classes on your calendar, too! It will be tempting to let self-care slide with your busy schedule, but those stress-busting workouts are what keep you calm and productive.

Your inner vixen takes the wheel on Friday, when Venus slinks into Scorpio until December 30. Throw a Yule log on the fire and draw the drapes. With your erotic eighth house activated, there’s fun to be had in the Aries boudoir. But lust and trust must go hand in hand now, since you’re also playing for keeps. Don’t underestimate the strength of your feelings. What seems like an “ain’t no thing” hookup could turn into a month long obsession. So. Not. Worth. It. Watch for power struggles in your closest relationships this weekend, too. Conflicting goals could interrupt the pre-scheduled programming with your BFF or bae. Trying to force your agendas on each other will only make it worse. Take a time out to handle your respective business. Then, regroup next week.
Taurus Goals Forecast
Taking charge or taking over? Easy does it, o’ ambitious one. In your quest to get the job handled, you may have plugged into other people’s power grids, igniting friction and unfriendly sparks. Either that, or you’ve watched other people become incredibly lazy while YOU are verging on overburdened and resentful. With Wednesday’s quarter moon in your leadership house, you may need to dial it back a bit. Though you’re only trying to be helpful, standing down could save an important professional relationship. Focus on what’s truly yours to manage. On the flip side, have you allowed a strong personality to steamroll you at work? Stand up for yourself this week — and let ‘em know you’ve got it covered. If need be, call a meeting to map out the division of duties so you’re not stepping on each other’s toes. And this weekend might be a working one, since you could discover some “Oh, shit!” tasks that fell off your to-do list.
Forget Santa. Cupid comes a-calling this Friday as Venus beams into Scorpio and your relationship house until December 30. A real-deal romance is coming your way, one that can stand the test of time. But it takes two to tango, so do your part to initiate conversations and make it obvious that you’re actually interested. Already spoken for? This Venus cycle can deepen your bond and could bring a key (or ring!) exchange under glow of the tree or menorah.
Gemini Goals Forecast
Keep that velvet rope raised around your girl gang (and sure, the bro nouveaus who have infiltrated the ranks). You’ve been known to turn a stranger into a BFF in 0.2 seconds, Gemini, but how deep is that love...really? Wednesday’s quarter moon in your intimate fourth house wants you to honor your time-tested bonds. If you’ve been shuffling the loyalists to the backburner, brings them up to the hi-pri placement on your list. On the flip side, some Gems may be veering into cliquey terrain. Bust out of that bubble and nurture ties with newer friends — ones who have a good chance of making it into the Gemini Illuminati one day. 
On Friday, give your body some love. Radiant Venus beams through Scorpio and your healthy living zone until the 30th, sounding the call for self-care. It’s not that you have to pass on every gingerbread house, latte, or cocktail, but keep things balanced with nourishing meals and regular physical activity. Since Venus rules love, take a more practical approach in December. You could even turn your bedroom buddy into your gym buddy — those sexy endorphins only make the bedroom, uh, Iron Man that much hotter. Over the weekend, beware the player in sheep’s clothing! A signal-scrambling mashup of Mars and Pluto could make it easy to mistake a hookup for a genuine bid for your love. If you doubt someone’s intentions, make ‘em wait. Anyone who truly wants you will work for it — and should.
Cancer Goals Forecast
If you see something, say something — but choose your words wisely. Wednesday’s quarter moon in your communication house calls for a more balanced way of expressing yourself. Holding in your feelings will only lead to resentment. But pointing fingers in the heat of the moment could lead to a coup. Speaking in the first person (as a opposed to the accusatory “you!”) can make a major difference. For example, “I want to spend more time together” goes down a lot smoother than, “You never make time for me anymore!” Get it?

Ready for a romantic December? On Friday, love planet Venus pulses into Scorpio and your passionate fifth house until the 30th, turning up the heat. Someone could literally sweep you off your stilettos — or this bold transit could inspire YOU to take the lead in love. Coupled Cancers could wind up talking about big topics, like hunting for a one-bedroom apartment together or going ring shopping. (Again, don’t be shy about initiating such talks.) Follow your heart instead of letting friends and family have the final say. This weekend, their “helpful feedback” could derail your devotion and do damage to your relationship. It’s nobody’s business but your own!
Leo Goals Forecast
What do you consider valuable, Leo? From consciously mined diamonds to the unbreakable bonds of friendship, you get to set the standards in your life. Forget keeping up with the Joneses, Kardashians, or those kids in Buckingham Palace. This week’s quarter moon reminds you to live by your own truths. For many Leos, that may mean stepping down materialistic pressure you’ve been putting on yourself. It goes without saying that money doesn’t make anyone a better person. This week, you could meet an inspiring soul who reminds you that it’s what’s inside that counts. Be careful about getting into ethical debate, though — especially this weekend, when hotheaded Mars and Pluto clash. Beliefs are a personal thing. You may have to agree to disagree if you want to keep certain people in your life.
Start taking applications for your girl gang, too! On Friday, friendly Venus heads into Scorpio and your feminine fourth house until December 30. Some incredible new GFs could enter your world before 2015 is through. Already found your sister squad? Pop on the entertainment director’s hat and get some big plans on the calendar for the holiday season. Venus rules love, so the next few weeks could bring some epic nesting. You could even meet your match through the introduction of a female friend — or, yes, that nice guy or girl your MOM keeps telling you to meet!
Virgo Goals Forecast
Who do you think you are, Virgo? Your identity’s been shifting ever since expansive Jupiter moved into your sign for a year this past August 11. But as you grow and change, are you also rejecting important parts of your past? On Wednesday, a quarter moon in Virgo reminds you not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Some aspects of the old you are worth hanging on to and reintegrating. Conversely, if you’ve been afraid to step into your truth, this quarter moon helps you come out of the proverbial closet and live freely as the person you’re evolving into.
Friday arrives with a code orange flirt alert. Venus, the cosmic coquette, zips into Scorpio and your game-spitting third house until the 30th. You’ll have them at hello, Virgo — but you might not want to keep them there for long. Turn on your charms selectively. (Read: don’t get too drunk with the hot-but-way-too-young intern at the office holiday party.) This Venus phase brings excitement to your social circle, too. Branch out and mingle in a new scene, because you could meet some kindred spirits before the month is through. Weekend alert: Before you go batting your lashes, check for wedding bands and ask what seems like a too obvious question: Are you seeing anyone?
Libra Goals Forecast
Romantic or romanticizing? This Wednesday’s quarter moon in Virgo and your dreamy 12th house puts a bookmark in the fairy tale. Give yourself a little reality check. Are you applying a soft-focus filter over a harsh reality? You don’t have to bolt on people or situations just because they aren’t “perfect.” But you DO need to vocalize boundaries, especially with people who have been sketchy about keeping their word. When you set limits, they’ll either straighten up and fly right or show you what they’re really all about. Better to know the truth than labor in delusion.

Your weekend is off to a sensual start! On Friday, love planet Venus slips into Scorpio, starting a slow-burning fire in your scintillating second house. Cue the Adele, kick up your marabou slippers, and relax behind closed door with the one you adore. Screw the peacocks and swaggering badasses. The boy- or girl-next-door type could win your heart — yes, even if you labeled them “a little boring” last week. This Venus cycle whets your appetite for the finer things in life. Make a budget for an investment piece or two, but go easy on the retail therapy splurges. Warning for the weekend: Do not engage with the drama queens, especially the ones who share your DNA.
Scorpio Goals Forecast
Set it off, Scorpio! Wednesday’s quarter moon in your social networking house calls you out of your private little cave and back onto the scene. It’s not that you should give up ALL of your “me time,” (Your cat wouldn’t have it!) but your squad is missing you, so make a point of making plans and getting out more often. You might even don the entertainment director’s fedora and organize a few group outings: that ski house rental or a group rate block of tickets to see a hip-hop remastering of The Nutcracker at the local theater. You’ve always been the one to find those gems. Do you need to do a little squad sorting? If you’ve outgrown certain friends, you don’t have to keep inviting them everywhere out of obligation. Taking a breather can be a good thing, especially if it creates space for some new blood.

Friday brings THE best news of the week! Passionate, radiant Venus makes her annual stopover to Scorpio until the 30th, amping up your charm and irresistibility. You’re the hottest thing in town (#ScorpioOnFire) and will attract a ton of interest. But hang on to your single status for a minute, because this sultry phase will be fun for dabbling and hooking up. Already spoken for? Give yourself a longer leash. You at least need permission to flirt without crossing lines. But this weekend, don’t push it too far. You’ll be attracted to the “excitement” of blurred lines and temptation, but stopping that runaway train could be a lot harder than hopping on it! 

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