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March 06, 2015


Meet Your Match

We got inspired by the new Zero Gravity SS15 cases and decided to initiate them and play a round of #SeparatedAtBirth.  This edition pairs textiles with the new cases. See what we found and who got paired below:

Dreams iPhone case:

5S | 6 | 6 Plus


Stoned iPhone case:

5S | 6 | 6 Plus

Vice iPhone case:

5S | 6 | 6 Plus



March 06, 2015


Festival Season 2015


Festival season begins in Austin, at South by Southwest. This year, the event is set to be bigger than ever. SXSW kicks off on March 17 and runs through March 22. With a full blown production line up of music, movies, panels and everything in between this festival requires more then one weekender bag. 

5S | 6 | 6 Plus

Aside from the music, Coachella is generally a celebrity-filled stomping ground, and it's most known for making festival fashion a global affair. With a weekend of music, fashion and fun in the sun this is the time to make a statement with your accessories. 

5S | 6 | 6 Plus


Governor's Ball
June still seems like a ways away, but it'll be here before we know it! With the concrete jungle as your background, stay fresh and prepared for a musical heat wave of performers. 


Peace iPhone case:

5S | 6 | 6 Plus

February 27, 2015


Zero Gravity SS15

Mark your calendars for the update of your LIFE.
33 New Zero Gravity iPhone cases coming at you March 1st.
Stay tuned for the drop.
February 27, 2015


Confessions Of A Bad Ass Babe: Esther kim

Inspired by go-getters and badass babes in general, this series is basically me spending time with women who built and followed their own yellow brick road (and then re-painted it the color they wanted when it was finished). From how they're Buffy the Vampire slaying it, to who they've been double-tapping on instagram. I get to the bottom of how they became the badass babes they are today.

From LA to Tokyo, Esther Kim literally drew her way into my heart. Not only a badass babe to mention, but she is also one of the FIRST artists to collaborate with Zero Gravity for their new sticker series (a must-have addition to your ZG purchase). From her nails to her socks Esther keeps it colorful, personalized and fashionable (just like her drawings). Don't believe me? Check out her Instagram for her daily drawings and emoji induced selfies which that will make you rethink your selfie game (FYI: Her hand drawn Emojis are currently on the Line Camera app). And if you become totally obsessed like me, grab some goodies from her online store as well. But first, read more about her and the inspiration behind the Zero Gravity sticker collaboration below:


How long have you been drawing?
I've been drawing professionally since 2007! I didn't start drawing as a hobby until I was about to graduate from college. So I'm self-taught and still learning!
How do you find inspiration?
While its true that inspiration is all around you. I believe its important to push yourself to find/seek/make new things. I heard somewhere that water boils at 99 degrees. It's not 98 degrees so if you want to make something new you have to push until you breakthrough. But in general I love magazines like Pop, I-D, Lula, Vivi, Elle Collections, Nylon, street style, cities like Tokyo and Seoul, my friends, bad experiences, good experiences, yes, a lot of things.

Favorite medium to use?
I would say my hands and mind!
The sticker collection you created for Zero Gravity is AMAZING! What inspired you for this collaboration?  

We are all so connected to our phones, physically/mentally/socially why not take some time to personalize it and make it your own. The stickers are meant to be playful and tongue-in-cheek capturing fun things that I love: coffee (everyday necessity), chips, texting cats!

Growing up what was your favorite cartoon or illustrated figure?  
From Sanrio I loved Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Keroppi and Hello Kitty. I also had a Rainbow Brite/Strawberry Shortcake stage very briefly and I remember liking a Korean talking dinosaur character named Dooli.

Gaining inspiration from Tokyo to LA, what is your favorite outfit staple that you own?  
As I get older, cough, cough, I find that I really value comfort!! I feel the best when I'm comfortable as opposed to my no pain, no gain mentality of my twenties! So I've fallen in love with sneakers and loafers and Birkenstocks and all sorts of ugly flat shoes. 
3 emojis that best describe you?
Most used iPhone app?
I love editing photos so my go to apps are all photos apps. I would say I use Afterlight, Insta-size and Line Camera the most. In Line Camera I can use tons of filters and decorate pictures with my own Estherlovesyou stickers so that's a double plus! 
Who’s Instagram feed is making you double tap on the daily?  
I'm so addicted to Instagram. I love following creative people from around the world. Lately, I love: @yerinb she's a singer from K-pop ground 15 &
@humanofny captures the stories of everyday people in such a succinct and touching way on the daily @ashleywilliamslondon is a cool British designer her clothes make me want to cry because I want them all
@sarasboul is a super artsy quirky cool bag designer
@keemwj is a Korean model and clothing designer. He and his friends are creating a cool new Korean fashion scene and it's interesting to watch!

There are so many! As an artist, I think I'm a natural voyeur so I could talk about this all day.
Give us 3 essentials that Esther Kim needs daily?
I need moisturizer(LA is so dry), my mom's cooking(it's a love letter to my stomach), and coffee(cliche but true, I'm a better person once I've had some).

When you have free time where do you like to hang in LA?  

I'm usually hanging out at a thrift store, Korean cafe or looking for parking. 

What’s happening in your world? Any new projects?
I have a new set of Estherlovesyou stickers coming out on Line Camera very soon!! Please watch out for them!! :-)

Erin AKA @eatherbrains


February 20, 2015


Bag Lady

How do you hold your essentials?
Are you a backpack girl or an on the go clutch traveler? Either way we got our top bag picks from Nasty Gal, and we paired them with a ZG case that will absolutely help elevate the look.
Because you don't want to be walking around like a #BASIC bag lady do you?
Go Moto Crossbody Bag

Crimson iPhone case:

4/4S | 5C | 5/5S | 6 | 6 Plus

Skinnydip London Crunch Clutch
Lil Picasso iPhone Case:
4/4S5/5S | 6 | 6 Plus
So Psyched Backpack
 Ultraviolet iPhone:
5|5S | 6 | 6 Plus 
Stela 9 Sophia Textile Tote

Sun iPhone Case

   4/4S | 5/5S | 5C | 6 | 6 Plus

Emma Mulholland Crossbody Chill Out Leather Bag


5C5/5S | 6 | 6 PLUS

February 19, 2015


Unicorn Hair

Planning on dying your hair a rainbow hue? Can't decide which color to pick?

Well check out this color guide from Refinery 29, they help pair your skin tone with a perfect shade of the rainbow. Way more accurate than closing your eyes and pointing at a color chart.

Fair Skin With Cool Undertones
“Whatever you put onto your [hair] will project itself onto your skin tone,” Darling says. So, if you’ve got pink undertones, it’s time to flaunt 'em — light-pink dyes will complement the hues in your face. Darling specifically recommends "sunset tones," like strawberry and even orange. Got freckles? Darling says peach would be perfect.

Fair Skin With Warm Undertones
If your skin has a golden glow, jump on the blue-hues train, ASAP. Think pastels like lavender, baby-blue, and aqua. And, consider yourself lucky, since mermaid hair is totally in vogue.

Medium Skin With Warm Undertones
Try jewel tones, like blue and emerald green. Consider yourself a bright, bold mermaid with hair as rich and colorful as underwater treasure. Still hankering for a pastel? Try a jewel tone first, and wait for it to fade. It’ll be light, but still flatter your skin tone.

Dark Skin With Warm Undertones
Think twice before you cast deeper hues, like plum and ruby, aside, as they're going to be the most flattering. “Everyone wants that pastel look, but that doesn’t necessarily always look the best,” Darling says. Sultry shades bring out the gorgeous, warm undertones in dark skin. Oh, and did we mention these colors are ridiculously “in” for Fall? No matter what you wear, you’re bound to look fashion-forward with it on your noggin.

February 13, 2015


Is Love In The Air...or Nah?

 With the month of LOVE upon us, and Mercury finally stopped retrograding or whatever that meant. A new moon is rising and Refinery 29 has got your horoscope for February below:

February is one potent month for you, Aquarius. Not only is the sun in your sign for the first three weeks, but February 18 also brings a rare second Aquarius new moon in a row (the first was January 20). The effect is like a triple New Year, so take advantage of yet another fresh-start moment. All eyes are on you, but wield your influencer status wisely. Mercury is retrograde until February 11, which could make your scene-stealing moments seem abrasive or ego-driven. Share the spotlight with a worthy collaborator at the February 3 Leo full moon, which can bring partnerships from far-flung places. Your earning powers are red-hot this month, too, thanks to driven Mars in your money zone through the 19th, and the blazing sun here from February 18 on.

Time for a power nap, hours of foreplay, or another hot-stone massage? The sun cools its Manolos in your 12th house of fantasy, rest, and closure until February 18, putting your dreamy sign in total “model-off-duty” mode until the 18th. Luckily, motivator Mars is in Pisces until February 19, preventing you from becoming a total invertebrate. Romantic Venus is in Pisces until the 20th, too, wooing Cupid into your corner this Valentine’s Day. If you’ve felt too tired to tango in the sheets, don’t worry: Your energy gets a total reboot on February 18, when the sun moves into Pisces for a month. You’re baaaack.

When you're not busy reuniting with old friends, the first half of February is perfect for tying up loose ends and clearing dead weight from your inner circle. With Mercury retrograde until the 11th, pause before posting, because your messages could be misconstrued. After the 19th, motivator Mars (your ruler) zooms into Aries, stoking your mojo until March 31. On February 20, sizzling Mars and love-planet Venus make a rare exact meeting — in Aries, to boot. If Valentine's Day fails to live up to expectations (and really, when doesn't it?), this one-week delay will more than make up for that. Put some arrows in your own quiver and aim for your loftiest goals — in love, work, and personal desire.


Screw the Academy — you're staging your own awards season, Taurus. The stars roll out the red carpet for you this February, heating up your success and public-acclaim sector. Even if you don't clutch a gold statuette or ramble through a teary-eyed speech, you could still earn props (or a promotion) for your diligent efforts. February 18 could bring a huge career opportunity or a whole new professional path. Later this month, take time to tackle a vice or an addictive pattern, replacing it with a more life-affirming and restorative habit. With both motivator Mars and social Venus in your 12th house of healing and closure from February 20 on, trade bourbon for Bikram and Marlboros for meditation. If you've been stubbornly holding a grudge, let it go.

The travel bug bites this February, making it hard for your restless sign to stay put. Satisfy your wanderlust with ticket research and travel blogs until retrograde Mercury turns direct on February 11. We'd hate to see you stranded at a foreign airport, à la #Snowmageddon2015 (a transportation shutdown that, incidentally, fell during this same Mercury backspin). Roll up your sleeves at the office instead: Go-getter Mars heats up your career zone until the 19th, rocketing you through the ranks, or helping you rub ironically-padded shoulders with the VIPs. Later in the month, you're tapped as an influencer among friends and colleagues. Mine that star-powered social capital and expand your network.


Emo alert: The first three weeks of February could twist your psyche into a Gordian knot or two. You could find yourself obsessing over relationships (current and past), or mired in a serious case of the feels. In positive developments, your sex life could be hotter than a bathhouse sauna — especially since an ex-flame could pop in for a reunion tryst while Mercury is retrograde through the 11th. A joint venture or romantic partnership could become official at the February 18 new moon — or the seeds could be planted for a long-term collaboration. Your attention turns to your career and big-picture goals after the 19th, when Mars zooms into Aries and your professional zone until March 31. Make an unforgettable impression on February 20, when Mars and charismatic Venus join forces in this powerhouse sector.

Claim your crown, O regal one. On February 3, the annual Leo full moon blasts its dazzling high beams on you. Even better? This full moon forms helpful angles with worldly, expansive Jupiter and innovative Uranus, taking your reach to far-flung corners and spreading your cutting-edge message to a global audience. Microphone check! Otherwise, the month's main focus is on relationships. Get ready to make things official in love or to sign a deal. Wait until after Mercury turns direct on February 11 before you ink your name to any binding documents. Your best day to say "yes" is the February 18 new moon. After the 20th, a vacation can ramp up the adventure AND romance.

Green is the new black for your sign this month, as the planets tour your sixth house of health, wellness, and organization. Think: roasted Brussels sprouts, eco-friendly cleaning products, winter walks through snowy pines, and streamlined spending plans. While sticking to routines can be challenging with your ruler, Mercury, retrograde until February 11, it's a great time for an epic decluttering mission — or to get all your health checkups. The February 3 full moon is an especially potent moment to clear out anything that no longer serves you. Your verdant visions morph to shades of gray later this month. Ready your "safe word" on February 20, when cosmic lovers Venus and Mars entwine in Aries, your eighth house of sex and intimacy. This influence lasts well into March, so make room for a spicy plus-one, Virgo.

Reunited and it feels so…good? With communication planet, Mercury, retrograde until February 11, an old flame could surface from your amorous archives. But is romantic recycling sustainable for the long run? Take it slow and you’ll see whether the issue was timing or incompatibility. A February 18 Aquarius new moon opens a new chapter of your love life, so you’ll be ready for a fresh start, either with someone new or the one you’re with. Healthy living takes precedence after the 18th, too, as the sun begins a month-long tour of your wellness zone. A promising partnership opportunity could arrive near February 20. Hello, dynamic duos!


Home, sweet haven. The sun hunkers down in Aquarius and your domestic fourth house for the first three weeks of this month. February 18 brings a new moon in this same nest-seeking zone. Is it time for a décor refresh — or a new place to hang your chapeau? Wait until Mercury turns direct on February 11 before signing leases, mortgages, and contracts. In the meantime, fill a mood board with paint swatches and fabric samples, or browse for frameworthy graphic prints. Settle any friction with family members now, too. Romance is in the stars after February 18, and you’re in the mood to paint the town. Kick off the sheepskin slippers and slide into glam-rock platforms.

Your mind’s on your money — even more than usual — and you’re focused on plans, priorities, and profits. But, a setback or two could come courtesy of mischievous Mercury, retrograde until the 11th. Spend the first couple weeks of February revising your budget, maybe cancelling a service that you no longer use, and reallocating funds in smarter ways. Earmark reserves for your social life, too, which is in full swing this month. Positive developments around home, family, and even baby-making plans could arrive on February 20. A powerful woman who leads with grace and compassion could figure into events near this date, too.

February 12, 2015


Valentines Day TIP #3

Forget the flowers, and take her on an adventure!
Because everyone's going to dinner and a movie with a side of flowers. We know it's only T-minus 48 hours till V-Day, but here are 75 alternative routes in 25 American cities to make your sweetheart think you planned a month ahead (HA!).
And don't thank us, thank Cosmo for this fool-proof date list:
February 06, 2015



Sweet toothin' on a Friday!

We're on a MAJOR hunt for the best sweets and treats in LA. And thank the heavens full of cookies, we found Refinery 29's list of 22 best desserts in Los Angeles.

Check out these sweet places we bookmarked as "MUST GO TO NOW OR DIE UNHAPPY":

1. California Doughnuts, 3540 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020


If you’re looking for a unique yet classic donut stand, look no further than California Donuts. They offer some of the best classic donuts as well as a large variety of unique donuts you won’t find anywhere else in Los Angeles or the world. Famous for their Homer Simpson (think The Simpsons), Matcha Green Tea, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles and Oreo covered donuts, you will definitely want to try each!

2. Carmela Ice Cream, 7920 West 3rd Street (near South Fairfax Avenue)

Ditch that half-eaten carton of ice cream that's been in your freezer for years, and head to Carmela instead. Though it's hard to go wrong with this unreal, handmade ice cream and sorbet shop, the Raspberry Rose Sorbet is possibly the most refreshing thing EVER.

3. The Pie Hole, 714 Traction Avenue (at South Hewitt Street)

Have you ever had an Earl Grey pie? How about Maple Custard? The made-from-scratch delights at The Pie Hole are anything but ordinary — and that's a very good thing. 

4. Bottega Louie, 700 South Grand Avenue (at West 7th Street)

Bottega Louie's macarons are so insanely stunning, that it's easy to assume that there's no way that they taste as good as they look. Correction: They do. Go ahead and taste the rainbow.

5.Harajuku Crepe, 9405 South Santa Monica Boulevard (near North Beverly Drive)

By using Mochi powder in their crepe batter, Harajuku Crepe makes the most unique crepes we've ever had. Often served with a scoop of ice cream inside, they're truly a decadent treat. 


Is it obvious we like sweets?


February 05, 2015


Shape it Up!

Sometimes, less is more and shapes are just enough.
And geometric negative space digits are seriously, EVERYTHING! 
If your nails haven't been negatively touched with shapes, it's about time to SHAPE IT UP!
Take some serious notes from Free Peoples "Geometric Nail Art"Guide:

What Your Need:

Black Nail Art Pen

Clear Nail Polish

Start by applying a base coat. (Let it dry fully before using the nail art pen.)
Then, alter the designs on each nail. (Go for a variation of triangles, lines and dots.)
And lastly, let the ink dry and be sure to apply a clear top coat to make the designs last longer!

Simple and AMAZING!
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