Embroidered Cases

We started our business in 2012. At that time, our founder, Shawn had a moment of inspiration when he realized that no one was making embroidered phone cases. Fueled by excitement at the prospect of creating something truly unique, he embarked on the journey of making embroidered cases.

Embroidered cases have remained one of our flagship products because they allow us to emphasize our distinction from competitors while offering a distinctive and personalized touch. This uniqueness continues to make them our top-selling items, and we take great pride in that.

What is Embroidery:

Embroidery is a technique where intricate designs are stitched onto fabric using needles and thread or machines.

Embroidery is a surface decoration technique where threads are stitched onto an existing fabric, creating designs, patterns, or motifs on the fabric's surface. It doesn't involve creating the fabric itself but rather embellishing it. Embroidery adds raised, textured, and often colorful designs to the surface of a fabric. It can create intricate and detailed patterns that stand out from the fabric's surface. Embroidery is applied to an existing fabric or garment made through weaving or knitting. It can be done on various fabric types, including woven and knit fabrics.

The video above shows the process of making embroidered cases in our factory. Many wonderful cases are being produced.