About Us

Hello, We’re Zero Gravity!

Welcome to Zero Gravity, a world where art and technology converge, and innovation knows no limits. We're more than just a tech accessory company; we're a passionate movement dedicated to redefining functionality, fashion, and creativity. Step into a universe where captivating iPhone cases and accessories elevate your everyday life, allowing your personal style to shine. At Zero Gravity, we excel at seamlessly merging the unconventional with protective design to enhance your daily adventures. We are an art-driven tech accessory company deeply committed to functionality, fashion, and creativity. Our captivating iPhone cases and accessories blend these elements to meet the needs of trend-conscious tech enthusiasts. Zero Gravity represents a unique fusion of unconventional expression and everyday life protection.


Our journey began In the year 2011 in Downtown Los Angeles, Shawn Button, the founder of Zero Gravity, had just graduated from art school, equipped with fresh creative skills and a burning passion for painting and graphic design. He was eager to find a way to express his creativity. During this exploration of innovative avenues of expression, he stumbled upon the iPhone 4.

Shawn thought that everyone had printed cases, and he was searching for something different. His breakthrough came when he realized that nobody was making iPhone cases with embroidery. Fueled by this desire to innovate, he set out to challenge himself and create truly unique embroidered cases.

This marks the beginning of our journey into crafting embroidery cases. Inspired by this discovery, we embarked on the path of creating exceptional embroidered cases. These cases represent art-like craftsmanship achieved through intricate embroidery using threads.

The tactile sensation of embroidery offers a warm and unique touch that printed cases cannot replicate. This distinctive quality has earned us numerous compliments from our valued customers.

Furthermore, our customers appreciate the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by owning a one-of-a-kind case that reflects their individuality. This serendipitous encounter would profoundly reshape the trajectory of both the realm of artistry and the dynamic world of tech accessories.


Our goal is to provide you with a product you love and can't wait to show off. Since 2018, our designers have become more global with the addition of French and Japanese designers. Our cases and accessories are designed to be unique and reflect the vibrant personalities of our customers. We believe that phone cases serve as a canvas to display art. We use textiles such as embroidery to imbue our phones with an elevated sense of craftsmanship and artistry.

We are..

  • Connected: We strive to stay dialed into our democracy.
  • ON THE GO: We are not afraid of change and evolve with tech and FASHION.
  • AHEAD OF THE CURVE: We are pioneers of alternative techniques and lifestyle design.
  • Responsibility: We stand behind the quality and integrity of our product

Key Word

Celebrate individuality!
~The ZG boy and girl style himself/herself for himself/herself~

Our Vision

We envision a future where Zero Gravity continues to pioneer the tech accessory industry, staying at the forefront of innovation. Our commitment is to introduce daring and groundbreaking ideas that ignite individuality and serve as a canvas for personal style expression. We are dedicated to crafting a compelling brand narrative and producing designs that harmonize seamlessly with our followers' lifestyles while constantly pushing the boundaries of aesthetics. Our ultimate vision is to evolve perpetually and inspire through our distinctive approach, establishing ourselves as:

  • The ultimate destination for expressing individuality through the fusion of Tech and Fashion.
  • A brand with humble beginnings in LA, poised to become a cherished global icon.
  • A brand that remains steadfastly TECH-FOCUSED, seamlessly integrating bold new ideas into tech-centric products.
  • A brand that continuously explores and integrates various unique materials, ensuring that our creations remain as distinctive as our customers themselves.

Our Ongoing Voyage

Zero Gravity's vision is a dynamic journey of innovation, creativity, and global resonance, dedicated to empowering individuals to express their unique styles and embrace their individuality in the ever-evolving world of tech and fashion.