Liberty Force × Zero Gravity

Introducing an iPhone case collaboration between Liberty Force and Zero Gravity!

“Let LIBERTY FORCE gives you courage!”

The first collab between Okinawa's LIBERTY FORCE and Zero Gravity!

Zero Gravity is a phone case brand, and LIBERTY FORCE partnered with them to create a line of four iPhone cases. These cases feature our brand's message on a cassette tape design, signifying that we think LIBERTY FORCE should be the soundtrack to your life. These were released in Zero Gravity's official online store in Japan on January 21, 2022.

The collaboration was first released exclusively at pop-up events held by LIBERTY FORCE in Miyakojima, Ishigakijima, and Osaka. However, we had so many comments from fans saying things like "I can't go to the event in person" and "I wish I could purchase these online to stay safe in these times." Because of these comments, it was decided to sell them through Zero Gravity's official online store in Japan too.

Now we're opening up purchases to fans in the United States too!

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~ What is LIBERTY FORCE? ~

Started by Kentaro Teruya, who lives in Okinawa, LIBERTY FORCE is a brand with a message.

Teruya has been in charge of planning and inventing collaborations for Japanese street brands such as XLARGE, X-girl and MILKFED. In 2015, he moved from the bustling metropolis of Tokyo back to his hometown of Okinawa for a fresh start. After spending 18 years in Tokyo, when Teruya returned to Okinawa and met various talented people, he felt many people were bound by the stereotypes of their environment and the world, giving up on 'living their own way' in the process. In June 2020, LIBERTY FORCE started doing activities from Okinawa to showcase their message.

"Everyone has their own talents and should be able to gain freedom from that feeling!" We want to convey this message to the world. The power of believing in yourself and noticing your own talents is the LIBERTY FORCE were named after. We created a logo and started organizing activities to convey our beliefs to everyone.

Our activities include but aren't limited to launching an apparel brand that collaborates with famous Japanese designers, BMX and skateboard designs, mural painting at locations like beauty salons and resort hotels in collaboration with traditional bingata artists, food collaborations, and others.
In January 2021 we launched our music label, SOUNDS BY LIBERTY FORCE. Our first release included songs by Tetsuji Hiroyama of Ryukyu Disco and Shingo Maekawa of Kariyushi 58. These songs were even played on the radio!

LIBERTY FORCE's various efforts in supporting art have drawn attention from celebrities both inside and outside Okinawa.

~ LIBERTY FORCE Activities~


Expressed message with fashion!

[ LIBERTY FORCE x Spider-Man ]



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