Fabric-Woven Cases

In preparation for the launch of our new products for the winter of 2023, we have focused on a new material: fabric-woven cases. Recently, cases with MagSafe compatibility have become mainstream. However, with embroidered cases, there has been an issue where the embroidery part becomes thick, causing a delay in MagSafe responsiveness.

To address this challenge, we have devised a new material that allows us to maintain the beauty reminiscent of embroidery while ensuring compatibility with MagSafe using the new fabric-woven.

What is Fabric-Woven?

Fabric-Woven is a type of textile made by weaving two sets of threads, warp, and weft, at right angles to create a stable and versatile material used in clothing, textiles, and various other applications.

Fabric-Woven has a regular and repeating pattern that is determined by the arrangement of warp and weft threads. Patterns in woven fabrics are generally flat and integrated into the fabric.

Fabric-Woven includes a wide range of textile materials like cotton, silk, wool, linen, and synthetic fibers. The fabric itself is created through the weaving process.