Prosciutto's Picks - "Hologram Dreams"


Of all the reasons to come into work everyday, our French Bulldog, Prosciutto, ranks near the top. She’s our mascot, our friend, our champion, our confidant. But while most French Bulldogs just lay around being adorable, Prosciutto serves a far greater purpose.

Basically, she calls the shots around here. She decides which designs to put into production, which cases to retire. She even writes some of these blog posts.

So we’re going to do something fun: Every couple weeks, we’re going to send Prosciutto out on a mission, letting her loose in the great shopping mall of the internet, to find the coolest accessories that we can share with you.

For her inaugural post, we gave her a very simple assignment. Find five accessories for under $100 that fit this criteria:

Hologram Dreams

When she heard her assignment, she didn’t blink. She didn’t hesitate. She didn’t ask for clarification, or for a better, less ambiguous prompt. She just went to work. Here’s what our girl dug up:

1) Andomeda iPhone Case - $32


Andromeda Hologram iPhone Case
iPhone 5S |  iPhone 4S/4

Chalk it up to nepotism or good taste, but Prosciutto’s first selection was this extremely popular Zero Gravity iPhone case. 

Named after our nearest spiral galaxy neighbor, the Andromeda Hologram iPhone Case is the first member of our Hologram Dream Team. This gorgeous, impressionistic sci-fi masterwork was hand-crafted by a team of dedicated psychonauts and futurists. It’s worth every penny. 

Oh- and for the more accident-prone among you, maybe consider the bumper case. You know. Just in case.


2) Oil Spill Wrap Watch - $92


Holy Manmade disaster, Prosciutto! This beautiful “oil spill” watch is an explosion of color and light. Forget about "smart" watches. This thing is friggin' brilliant.

3) Women’s Metallic Dancing Shoe - $62

Annie Hall is throwing a dance party in the year 3003. Wanna come? These kick-ass hologram shoes should speak for themselves. Unfortunately for our more shy readers, they probably won’t. All day long, people will be bombarding you with questions about your ridiculously awesome footwear. So make sure you’re in the mood to shine before you put these puppies on.

4) UNIF Meta Skirt - $75.90

If those shoes will make people talk, this skirt will make their heads explode. With its origami-like fold and shimmering aesthetic, this skirt is sure to blow minds. Don’t say we didn't warn you.

Oh, did we mention it's on sale? It usually goes for $123, but right now you can get it for a cool $75. Er, $75.90. A cool $75.90.

5) Vintage Holographic Eye Necklace on Gold Plated Chain - $35

Prosciutto’s seen the future, and this is a purchase you won’t regret. From theBEAline’s third eye to yours, this handmade-necklace features a mystically spooky, all-seeing eye peering out at you in three glorious dimensions. Also available as earrings. Dig it!


Despite her discriminating taste, it turns out Prosciutto is an extreme hologram enthusiast. Picking her five favorite products was a little harder than she expected. So we've let her include a few bonus items to help you keep the Hologram Dream alive.







Thanks Prosciutto. Good girl.

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