Event Horizons: 5 Things to Do in LA This Summer

Claire Evans  and Jona Bechtoit, of the band YACHT, have just released a new app for iOS called "5 Every Day." It was inspired after the two moved back to Los Angeles a couple years ago. They began seeking out the most fun, cool, LA-centric things to do, and found themselves completely overwhelmed. "There are so many options that there might as well be no options," they explained to Los Angeles, I'm Yours

As a remedy to this problem, their app gives you five things to do in LA, every day. It's an awesome app, and we urge you to check it out. We also strongly encourage you to scope out the launch party they're having in Silverlake. It's free, but requires an RSVP. 

As great as it is to have an app that tells you what to do right now, some of us like to plan a little bit more in the future. So we're offering up five awesome, upcoming events and activities to do this summer in Los Angeles. Most of these activities are best enjoyed with some good friends. Don't have any friends? These might serve as a great way to meet new people. Then again, you may just end up feeling sad. I mean, why doesn't anyone like you? Don't worry about it. Let's have some fun!

1) Live Music at the Santa Monica Pier

A summer tradition! Every Thursday night, 7-10PM, you can catch a free live act at the Santa Monica Pier. This summer, there are quite a few acts you might want to check out. Personally, we were floored to find out that the 60's pop group the Zombies are back together. They'll be playing a free show on August 21st. Could be fun, but for our money, we say check out pop-geniuses OK Go on September 4th. If you don't think you like OK Go, it's probably because you've never listened to this song:


2) Movie Screenings in the Cemetery

There's nothing morbid or disrespectful about it. Okay, we lied. It's kind of morbid and disrespectful. But it's also one of the greatest LA Summer traditions. Every week during the summer, Cinespia hosts movie screenings in the world-famous Hollywood Forever cemetery. Alcoholic beverages are welcome. DJ's spin before and after the shows. Did we mention Johnny Ramone is buried there? (Did we mention that Nicholas Cage gave a eulogy for Johnny Ramone?!!)

We recommend There's Something About Mary on Saturday, August 23rd or A Clockwork Orange on Saturday, August 30th.

Buy your tickets ahead of time. They're $14 a pop. Bring a blanket! 

3) Dance Yourself Clean

One of the best bars for dancing is also one of the most inconspicuous. From the outside, you can't even tell that The Short Stop is The Short Stop. There's just a neon sign that says, "Cocktails." How LA is that?

But inside... Well, it's just a bar inside. But they've got great music. Every Thursday night, The Short Stop hosts "Dance Yourself Clean," an awesome all-night dance party in Echo Park. Founder and DJ Joel Albers explains it as such:

"We're talking a dark room, loads of fog. In fact, we consciously use way too much fog. We love it. Fill a room full of fog, turn on some lasers, play some LCD Soundsystem and forget about everything else. No frills. We're not trying to impress anybody with gogo dancers or any fancy decor, that’s what Vegas is for. For us, it’s all about the music."

For all those old souls out there, the Short Stop also has a "Super Soul Sunday," every week. Highly recommended for those who still remember what R&B stands for.

4) The Magic Castle
If you're a Los Angelino who's never been to The Magic Castle, you should really consider re-prioritizing your life. According to Wikipedia, the Magic Castle "is a nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts, as well as the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. It bills itself as 'the most unusual private club in the world.'" They're not being hyperbolic, either. Neil Patrick Harris is the President of their Board of Directors. Need we say more?
The best thing about the Magic Castle is that you're not invited. According to their website, "The Magic Castle is an exclusive private club. You must be a member or have a guest card from a member-in-good-standing to gain admittance."
Getting a guest pass isn't too hard, though it helps if you know a magician in LA. If you don't, go find one. It's worth it.
5) Start a Fire
In case you haven't heard, there's a major drought wreaking havoc in California. But that shouldn't stop you from lighting a few fires! And there's no safer place to do it than on the beach. Lucky for you- several beaches in and around LA actually permit it!
We recommend El Segundo Beach. Get there early in the day to hold down one of the fire pits. Spend your afternoon swimming, and your night roasting wieners over an open flame. What could be better?
That's it. Think we missed something? Let us know what you're planning to do this summer in the comments below.

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