Nailed it!

Since our phones are conveniently glued to our hands, it's almost a must to keep your nails proper. And by proper I mean, elevated! These days a simple colored coat can go a long way, but a well-designed pattern or colorful ombré can take you to a whole other level. Check out these ladies who are in the game for helping your nails stand out above the rest. 

Madeline Poole aka @MPNails, and if her names rings a bell then you‘ve read #GIRLBOSS. Madeline is part of Sophia Amoruso's book and shares her “Portrait of a #GIRLBOSS” story, which in brief talks about how her career blossomed. Color me mine, her nails are def. #GIRLBOSS level.  


Natalie Minerva aka @Nail_Swag, is an LA local who has been killing the nail art scene with her amazing patterns. 



Kluer aka @KLEUR, this amazing group of artistic women have united for the love of nail art. Colorful and artistically inclined, nothing can stump these ladies. Ideas and inspirations are always welcomed. 


Sarah Nguyen aka @ChrmdbySarah, a NYC nail and fashion addict takes nail art to a whole other level! As her name implies charms are used, and are applied to make your nails stand out to the fullest. 


Britney Tokyo aka @BritneyTokyo, grew up in Japan but now resides in Los Angeles. She brings a Kawaii vibe to her work and is a slave to detail. Each nail in itself is a mater piece. 

Inspired to elevate your look? Which nail artist are you dying to let transform your nails? Let us know in the comments below.


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