Weekend Vibes

So if your not at Comic Con, what should you do?! ROAD TRIP!

Because lets face it, sometimes you just got to get away. And the best thing about California is a good drive north or south will indeed take you somewhere magical. Either by the coast or in the dessert, there are gems out there people! So if you got the urge and your bored at home, GOOOOO!


1. Social Pool: A little scavenger hunt never hurt no one...


So did you know there's actually a secret pool in the middle of the desert?! NOT LYING! Alfredo Barsuglia actually created this masterpiece he calls "Social Pool," which is an eleven-by-five-feet wide pool in the Southern California desert- open for anybody to use. All you need is the key and GPS coordinates, which you can find at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in West Hollywood. No map, just coordinates so make sure your geography is on point, or this fun excursion might lead to an emergency search an rescue (NOT CUTE). So get your bikini ready and study those coordinates! Pools open May 1 through September 30.


2. Ace Hotel Palm Springs: No searching, just drinks by the pool.

If your not into the idea of a scavenger hunt, maybe a hotel with a pool is your next best bet! And one of my all time faves is the Ace Hotel and Swim Club. Loaded with good eats, good drinks, dog friendly, and DJs by the pool...need I say more? 

And if you got the itch to explore, Salvation Mountain is only about an hour away. A magical mountain built by the late great Leonard Knight. This mountain is oozing with color and was made for amazing #selfie opportunities. See for yourself!



4. Madonna Inn: Rooms to fit your personality and then some! 

Not feeling the desert vibes, well there's fun to be had up north! And the Madonna Inn is def. a must for a stay-cation. This landmark resort hotel has rooms like no other. Feeling like a caveman? They got a room for you! Feeling like all-pink-everything? They got a room for you! Pink is actually their favorite color and they like to use and abuse it, in the best way possible (aka pink tennis courts). 

Pink Mirror Case
So if you got the urge for a spontaneous road trip, let these gems be your guide. Your instagram feed will thank you. 

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