Prosciutto's Picks: "Flower Power"

After digging up some sick deals in our "Hologram Dreams" post earlier this month, Prosciutto, our French Bulldog turned Fashionista, became the talk of the town. Gift baskets for her have been flowing into our Zero Gravity headquarters all month, along with bags of fan mail congratulating her on a job well done. A local paper even interviewed her for an upcoming piece on trendsetters. It's been a banner month. 

We probably shouldn't be surprised. Our adorable little Prosciutto has been attracting attention and turning heads since we got her. If she's aware of her newfound celebrity, it hasn't gone to her head. She's still our little baby. But work is work, and there's no rest for the wicked, even in these dog days of summer. After the smashing success of her first article, we promptly ordered a sequel. After all- this is Hollywood, baby.

So this week, we loaded Prosciutto up with treats and sent her back out on a new mission. The prompt was simple: Find five accessories for under $100 that fit this criteria:

Flower Power.

We're quite pleased with some of the deals she sniffed out, and we think you will be too.

1) Lolita iPhone and iPad Cases $23.95 - $38

There's nothing quite as romantic as an iPhone in Spring. The Lolita iPhone and iPad case is named after Vladimir Nabokov's literary classic, about a middle aged man's torrid love affair with a (very) young girl. It doesn't matter how old your gadget is-- grace it with the flower of youth and make it feel like the princess it is by adorning it with these luscious, white rose petals.

Available for iPhone 5/5SiPhone 5C, iPhone 4/4SiPad and iPad Mini

2) Men's Floral Print  Short Sleeve Shirt - $55

It's long been said that the true mark of a man lies in how well he can pull off a floral pattern. Are you man enough? Put your testosterone to the test with this classy and masculine slim-fit shirt that truly blurs the line between pistil and stamen.

Yeah. We said it.

3) Head and Neck Wear - $16.50 - $75

Depending on their species, one of these items will make someone you love very happy.

Floral Dog Collar - $16.50


Not only did this tasteful, elegant dog collar appear on Prosciutto's list of picks this week, but a photograph of it also appeared on our desks this morning, along with a paw-written note, reading "Christmas is just around the corner..." Very subtle, Prosciutto. Very subtle.

Daisy Flower Crown - $75

For the more "human-oriented" among you, consider this stunning crown of extremely realistic daisies. Show off your flower power all year-round with this fine, hand-made, adjustable piece of craftsmanship. It's sort of like a dog collar, except more attractive and less oppressive. Good find!

4) Floral Knot Front Swimsuit - $60



One word: Hot

This gorgeous, intricate design will steal the show and put tropical fish to shame. It's cute, sexy swimwear that's perfect for the beach, but could just as easily be worn with a skirt for an afternoon of window shopping in the hot-ass summer sun. 


5) Jardin Journal / Notebook - $15


What a lovely notebook you have there, Mr. Hemingway. 

It doesn't matter how flowery your prose is; it's what's on the outside that counts. Spruce up even the most abysmal first drafts with this charming, uber-pleasant, Smyth sewn journal. 


As with last week, our little girl had a hard time picking her favorites. So we've let her addend a few more Flower Power items. Enjoy!

That's all for now. Check back soon! And, as always, thanks Prosciutto.

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