Desert Meltdown!

Ohmygosh. What a week. Today marks the launch of our brand new collection, Desert Meltdown. As if that weren't enough excitement, we're having a Meet and Greet with our favorite YouTube celebrity, the incomparable GRAV3YARDGIRL, in our Pop-Up Shop today.

If you don't know Grav3yardgirl, you should remedy that immediately.  

Unfortunately, the Meet and Greet is sold out. That being said, if you show up dressed like a mythical creature, we'll probably let you in. Your costume will have to be pretty convincing, though. (I.E. If your unicorn horn is clearly a paper towel roll, we will not be impressed.)

But fear not. We'll have a photographer taking pictures, and we'll be posting some of our favorite shots next week.

The new collection:

Moving on, we're super-duper excited to share our new collection, Desert Meltdown, with you. While some of your old favorites are here, we've got a smattering of new cases that are, quite frankly, amaze-balls. Here's a tiny preview:

What do you get when you mix Pablo Picasso, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and a cheetah? 


We're obviously excited, and rightfully so. This geometric mind-melt is part cosmic explosion, part feral feline. Show off all your stripes with the dynamic, epic Thunder Cat iPhone case.

But wait... There's more! You know how your phone is always disappearing when you turn out the lights? NO MORE, WE SAY! We've got several new GLOW IN THE DARK iPhone cases debuting today. Why? Because your awesome sense of style should always shine through. Even in low light.

Fine Line iPhone Case

Moonstone iPhone Case

Zodiac iPhone Case

Boom. Inarguably awesome cases. But we've saved our favorites for last. If you're tired of seeing stressful alerts, emails and texts every time you look at your phone, worry no more. These three designs are like taking a vacation in the astral plane. If there was a word that combined the adjectives soothing, awesome, stylish, and sexy, it would probably be something like sawlishy. Thankfully, we invent iPhone cases, not new words.

So take a gander at these cases. Let them wash over you like a tranquil ocean breeze. Ahhhhh. Sigh.


Nowhere iPhone Case

Pineapple iPhone Case

Lagoon iPhone Case

And that's just the beginning. We're super excited about the new collection. We've been hard at work on it for quite some time, and it is our honor to present them to you today. Take a look at the new cases and tell us which one is your favorite! And if you're coming to our Pop Up Shop downtown today, we can't wait to see you!

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  • Rose

    You guys were so welcoming at the meet and greet! What a wonderful experience(:

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