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September 17, 2014


Gadgets and Gizmos

Just like the little mermaid, we LOVE gadgets and gizmos a plenty. Especially ones for our iPhones! And as you can see there are some pretty rad toys our there for your iPhone.

Take a look: 

1. The Instax Printer from Photojojo

Ever wish you could print out your instagram photos? WELL NOW YOU CAN! This wireless printer is compatible with your iphone/iPad and prints your photos instantly on instax film. No longer will your photos be condemned to Instagram/Facebook purgatory. Let them live free and wild on film (where they naturally belong). 


2. Boombox from iHome 

Because sometimes listening to your iTunes on a small portable speaker is not enough. You really need a purple bluetooth boombox to get the full effect. I mean it's purple...done deal!


3. Joy Stick-it for iPad from ThinkGeek

Gamers unite! This attachable joy stick is just what you need to eat more ghost. Trust us, Mrs. Pac-man will thank you! 


4. iPhone Super Suit from Photojojo

If your a mermaid then you'll def. want to invest in this super wetsuit for your iPhone. This underwater creation is perfect for all your underwater selfies. And with this excessive heatwave in Los Angeles this is a must (who isn't living in a pool this week?)!


Which gadget do you need?


Boombox iPhone Case
5|5S  4|4S


Atlantis iPhone Case
5|5  4|4S

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