Do you insta the moment you wake up?
Are you up all night checking to see how many <3 you got on your #selfie?
Have you ever "double tapped" the computer screen when you liked something?
Do you reference people by using their instagram tags instead of their real names?
But really....WHO ISN'T? We'd be the first to admit that we are addicted and admitting your addiction is always the first step to recovery (a recovery we want no part of). Truth be told, this addiction doesn't just stop at the core of the problem (the app), it goes beyond and into our real life. Hence the things that are currently on our wish list:
Speaking in hashtags is also a sign that you are addicted, so might as well wear it and make it official with these necklaces! #SorryNotSorry
We dream and wake up with emojis on the brain, so it's only natural to have not one but ALL emojis on our bed, couch, and our dogs bed. Am I right? (They even have the poop emoji! Just saying..#NEED)
Never leave home without your feelings on your back. This emoji backpack will def. have you leading the pack and no need to speak when you can just point at your current state of being. Currently, the winky face emoji.
When worlds collide, magical things can happen! For instance, have you ever wished your instagram photos could be on a shirt, mug, poster, print on your desk, or even in a calendar?? Well Printstagram makes this happen and then some. Now the digital world can live in the real world and be honored as a real art piece. Because let's face it, we're totally iPhoneographers (DUH!).
Either way we're insta-addicts!
Find us on instagram and FOLLOW us >> @TouchZeroGravity
We promise double taps on the daily!
and don't forget to #ELEVATEYOURLOOK



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