DIY: Tis the Season

Tis the season for holiday spice lattes, wrapping paper, and Christmas tree decorations galore!

But don't get lost in the red tinsel, because decorating your tree doesn't have to be a drag with these emoji ornaments by Kelly from StudioDIY.
She's also the one who DIY'd the emoji balloons that we died over a couple months ago. So it's not a surprise she hit us again with this amazing DIY for the holiday season. So turn up that Mariah Carey holiday mix and let's get crafty! 

What you'll need:

1. White Ceramic Ornaments (She used these!)
2. Yellow Spray Paint (You can also use regular craft paint, but if you’re making multiple, spray paint is quicker!)
3. High-quality Paint Pens (Sakura’s Pen-Touch pens worked best)
4. Twine


Instructions from Studio DIY:

1. Spray paint front and sides of the ornament yellow and let dry according to instructions on the can.

2. Each face is different, use the various colors of markers to draw and fill in the features of each emoji. You can see a few tips in the photos illustrating my favorite crazy-face above. In general, I recommend starting with the eyes. Be sure to let the paint dry completely. Some colors (like the white) will need more than one coat. So let the first coat try and then go back over it again.

3. Trace the outlines of any hard-to-mimic details. You can see the outline of the mouth traced here, before filling in the tongue.

4. Try to avoid coloring light over dark. The tongue was done first here, followed by filling in the mouth around it so we didn’t have to color pink on top of black.

5. To make the string to hang it with, cut a piece of twine and tie the ends together in a knot. Slip the loop through the hole and pull the knot through the loop.


For more of Kelly's amazing DIY tips/tricks click HERE.

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidaze!

(insert tongue out face emoji) 

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