December 10, 2014




We are inspired by fashion on the daily and as our hashtag points out, we want you to always #ElevateYourLook.  So we did just that! We elevated some outfits with our very own Zero Gravity cases, in a series we like to call...#Paired.

Say it with an attitude or with our #Whateves iPhone case:

5C | 5/5S | 6 | 6 Plus

Rock your favorite red lipstick and pair with our matching Crimson iPhone case:

4/4S | 5C | 5/5S | 6 | 6 Plus



Hologram reflections is perfectly paired (and elevated) with our Pink Mirror iPhone case:

4/4S | 5/5S | 6 | 6 Plus


All black everything calls for our Reptilia iPhone case:
4/4S | 5/5S | 6 | 6 Plus


Lines paired with more lines, elevated with our Indio iPhone case:
5C | 5/5S | 6 | 6 Plus  
How do you elevate your look?

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