Tech the Halls!

Holidays got you hiding behind the Christmas tree?
Well time to come out, because you only got 2 weeks left to stuff those stockings! 
To save you from your Grinch face, we got a gift list worthy for a tech-loving friend who is obsessed with their iPhones.
#TBH who isn't these days?!
For that music loving friend who needs a step up in the ear bud department. Get them these golden beauties.
Have a friend who's always asking for a charger? Well this mobile charger will save their lives and keep them fashionably sane while juicing their iPhone with power.
Got a friend who is always loosing something? This wristlet takes the "DOH!" out of any situation, and keeps everyone happy with their personal belongings (including their iPhone) strapped to their wrist at ALL times. And the design is just a plus.  
Everyone has that friend with the best Spotify play list, so now they can share their beats with everyone and not just themselves. Because as we all know, sharing is caring! A gift that certainly keeps on giving.
Take a look at our favorite Zero Gravity stocking stuffers HERE.

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