January 07, 2015


When Life Imitates Art

We gave you #SeparatedAtBirth then switched it up with #Paired, now we got another series called #LifeImitatesArt. This series is dedicated to life imitating Zero Gravity iPhone cases. And as always Pinterest NEVER disappoints! As we spent most of the day locked into the Pinterest vortex, we came out pretty happy (and hungry - those recipe photos are complete torture!).
Check out the gems below:  
These lips were surely meant for each other.
Mouth Off iPhone Case: 4/4S | 5/5S | 6 | 6 Plus
I mean...Grumpy Cat is always a must! 
Cat Riot iPhone case:
6 | 6 Plus5/5S | 5C | 4/4S
Jewel Pop VS Face Pop....all the same if you ask me. A good use of leftover stickers (just saying).
Jewel Pop iPhone Case: 5/5S | 6 | 6 Plus
Because we like ice cream either way, cone or not...it's ALL GOOD! 
Soft Serve iPhone case
4/4S | 5/5S | 5C6 | 6 Plus

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