SINGLE Awareness Day

THAT day is almost here, the dreaded holiday where "chocolate hearts" and "fake roses" will pave the isles of your local markets. But don't worry if your single, because we got the perfect gifts for your Anti-Galentine Party! So round up your BFF's and pump up the Taylor Swift, because who needs another teddy bear anyways?

POPSUGAR's Gift guide for :


1989 ($12) | The Perfect Man ($9) | Deborah Lippmann Deep Red Nail Polish ($18) |Boo, You Whore Embroidery | Hoop Art ($33) | Galentine's Day Card ($4) | "Single" Social Alert Buttons ($4) | Ms. Betty's Original Bad-Ass Bitch Soy Candle ($18) | Sensual Tina Tote Bag ($22) | Cheeky Temporary Tatttoo ($5) | Dammit Doll ($15) | Fatal Attraction ($10) | Bittersweets Conversation Hearts ($10)

And don't forget the treats:


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