Werk It!

Sometimes the thought of the gym is nauseating, just the thought of going into a warehouse full of equipment you don't really know how to use is intimidating. So we found 3 classes in Los Angeles with the help of Refinery 29 and Timeout that look fun and take the "ew" out of gym workout.

Pop Physique

This fitness boutique is all about small, personalized classes (those overcrowded ones are just no good). With  locations around L.A. (including Silver Lake, Venice, Studio City, and more), the classes combine ballet with Pilates as well as mood-boosting tunes. The results? Toned abs, improved posture and flexibility and a better booty pop (so we've heard!). Talk about a perk worth dragging yourself to the gym for.  

Stand-up Paddle-boarding (SUP) Yoga

Lady Gaga does it in her pool, but you can do it in Marina Del Rey! This is LA’s latest yoga innovation, where practitioners trade a yoga mat for a 10-foot board. YOGAqua founder Sarah Tiefenthaler, who started teaching SUP yoga two years ago (making her one of the first teachers in the country), leads the sessions in Marina Del Rey. Show up in a swimsuit, wetsuit or yoga gear that can get wet—yes, you might fall off the board!—and pick up a rental board, included in the class fee. After 15 minutes of paddling instruction, you’re ready to attempt a series of asanas on the water. Don’t worry about the wobble: The challenge of aligning yourself perfectly on a floating board only adds balance to your in-studio practice.


Want to join in the carnival of drummers, roller skaters, boarders and magicians on the Venice Boardwalk, but lack your own skill? Check out the hula-hoop classes run by Hoopnotica, the people who helped reignite the hula craze with their brightly-colored weighted hoops. You’ll start off by using the hoop to aid you in stretches, then continue in a low-impact aerobic workout that focuses on loosening your hips and toning your core, a workout that Hoopnotica claims can burn 400 to 600 calories an hour, depending on your weight and level of fitness. Who would of thought Hula-Hooping was a workout?


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