Must Have Apps

Your feeds are buzzing with these must have apps...or ARE THEY?
Get in the loop and see what apps are currently taking up our free time and which ones are on our radar AKA downloading ASAP!
1. MyIdol: This app allows users to take a selfie or upload a pre-existing photo to create a 3D, interactive avatar. This avatar then allows you to unleash you inner fantasies and allows you to become a pole dancer, a Chinese singer or Elsa from "Frozen". Be warned that this app is in Chinese, but the app just issued a complete guide in English. So there's really no excuse not to download it and unleash your freaky avatar to the world. 
See below Miley Cyrus and her pole dancing avatar:

#trufflebutter @anderssonjj

A video posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

2. Dubsmash: This app lets you  create short selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds. Sounds a tad boring in text, BUT it's actually pretty entertaining and you'll find  yourself watching everyones dubsmash more then once. The voice overs are DEAD ON!
See below one of our faves:

It's past midnight and we just discovered dubsmash Lord save and protect us #yououghtaknow

A video posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

3. MixKit: 

Though physical mixtapes mostly disappeared with Walkman, sharing custom playlists with friends is still fun and Mixkit aims to bring the classic mixtape experience to the iPhone. The app lets you create playlists, choose cover art and share the resulting "mixtape" with friends -- retro design and all.


4. Photojojo Disposable: The camera masters at Photojojo rolled out their first app, this week. Disposable Camera aims to bring back the nostalgia of those plastic throwaway cameras. Each camera comes with 27 shots and when you’ve snapped them all Photojojo ships you a set of physical prints. Best part is no reviews of the photos, just surprises when they come in the mail! Watch the video below for the 411:

What apps are you currently obsessed with? Tell us in the comments below!

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