Confession Of A Bad Ass Babe: Amy Pham

Inspired by go-getters and badass babes in general, this series is basically me spending time with women who built and followed their own yellow brick road (and then re-painted it the color they wanted when it was finished). From how they're Buffy the Vampire slaying it, to who they've been double-tapping on instagram. I get to the bottom of how they became the badass babes they are today.

This week we caught up with a triple threat of a babe. A born and raised LA native who is a total slashie: DJ/Model/Host! You might know her from hosting the fashionably savy Youtube series, "The Platform". Yup, we're talking about Amy Pham! We literally had to throw out a bat signal (since she was in London at the time) to get this babe to chill with us for a moment and answer some must-needed questions. Check out what she's currently obsessing with and more below. (PS. If you want to see some behind the scenes of her daily life, including her hilarious videos then follow her on instagram @IAMAMYPHAM - No lie, she got jokes!)


You’re literally a triple threat: DJ/Model/Host, what came first? And is there a favorite from the three?
Why thank you! I just consider myself to be very indecisive. DJ came first and was pretty much the jumping point for everything else. My brother initially taught me and after making a lot of friends in the nightlife scene through DJing, I was asked to model for some local brands. That led to getting signed, going out on auditions, and one of those auditions happened to be for Disney's Maker Studios. I guess they didn't hate me so here I am, host of their fashion show "The Fashion Statement" almost 4 years later!
After a long working day, where do you go (or what do you do) to unwind?
HOME. I am a huge homebody, so I need to have a base where I can decompress, change into PJ's asap, and completely veg out. Snuggles are definitely a must in this department.

You know in movies when girls walk into a party (think Can't Hardly Wait, Jennifer Lawrence), what song would be your party entrance song?
For some reason my first inclination was to say "Gwen Stefani - Hey Baby" without hesitation. But my second choice would probably be anything by Beyonce.

You travel a ton, where in the world have you not yet touched and are dying to go?
Asia! Especially Vietnam, the motherland. I haven't been yet but have been told numerous times I need to.

Which leads me to this question: You’re stranded on a desert island, who would you need with you to survive?
My boyfriend Anthony, duh! 

3 emojis that best describe you?

If you had to choose ONLY one, what social media app would you commit to for life?

We all got that THING we can't stop talking about, what's your current obsession/thing you can't stop talking about?   
I LOVE CHIMICHURRI SAUCE. I've recently discovered it and it's the best thing ever. I put it on my chicken, my eggs, my rice, literally everything.

Favorite LA hang out for a girls night out?
I haven't gone out in SO long, I'm usually either working/ DJing/ sleeping. But I know my girl Sam (SoSuperSam) throws a helluva night at 143 (Los Globos) and I've been meaning to go for a while. 

Zero Gravity is all about elevating your look, what's your favorite accessory?
I love hats. Hats on me, on my boyfriend, I'm a big hat person (especially headscarves for summer and beanies for winter)

Working long days could be brutal without some power snacks/food, what would you have delivered to you daily (from anywhere – even flown out) if you could?
QUEST BARS. They're the best protein bars ever and anytime I'm running around town or traveling, I absolutely make sure that I have at least 6 bars in my bag. My favorite flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream, and they're sooo tasty. 

What does the next chapter of “The Adventures of Amy Pham” look like? Any exciting projects coming up?
Hopefully more sleep!!! But always new and exciting things on the horizon, I just live it week by week! I'm supposed to go to Australia (first time ever) soon for a couple campaigns and nightclub events, so that should be fun. I also am launching my actual own Youtube channel, which is very exciting for me since I've never had my own before (I just play host on The Platform). And I have a new show that's set to happen with Maker Studios that involves food... so I'm very very very excited about that! Stay tuned!
Erin AKA @eatherbrains

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