Confessions of a Bad Ass Babe: Tuesday Bassen

Inspired by go-getters and badass babes in general, this series is basically me spending time with women who built and followed their own yellow brick road (and then re-painted it the color they wanted when it was finished). From how they're Buffy the Vampire slaying it, to who they've been double-tapping on instagram. I get to the bottom of how they became the badass babes they are today.

As my last #Confessionsofabadassbabe post here on (*tear*), I def. had to hang with the raddest babe in town >> Miss Tuesday Bassen. This bi-coastal phenomenon just hit home in LA and is splattering the town with her amazing illustrations. Besides having the same birthdays (no big deal on the rad meter), Tuesday is the definition of a badass babe. From her cute and sassy characters to her must needed patches and pins, Tuesday oozes raw talent. Her "Ugly Girl Gang" zine is what  initially drew me in, her bad attitude babes exude confidence with the perfect don't mess with me stance. After proudly swiping my credit card for a few of her goodies at a pop-up in LA, I knew I had to sit down with her and pick her badass brain. Read below our convo, and be sure to heart eyes times a million on her 4-legged side kick.

For more heart eyes head to her instagram >> @TuesdayBassen to keep up with her goods (gotta have them ALL) and daily drawings (NEED to see them ALL) <3

When did you start being awesome aka being an Illustrator? What inspired you to pursue illustration as a full-time career?

Ha! I think you’re being generous. Early on, I thought that I wanted to study foreign relations. I took both French and German, served as Captain of the debate team, and studied abroad in Russia by the time I was 14. I started at a public art school by 15 and all other aspirations went out the window. I got my BFA from MCAD in 2011 and have been a professional illustrator since.

Being a freelance artist, what is your daily schedule like?
I try to maintain some level of spontaneity to keep things interesting, but ultimately I bounce between working at home and running errands around Los Angeles.
Usually, it goes a little something like this:
Wake up at my boyfriend Ben’s house, walk our wiener dogs, grab a coffee at Cafe de Leche, answer some emails while traffic dies down, go home to Mid City and ship any orders that piled up overnight, drink too much coffee, work on client projects, shower around 3, drop stock off at local stores (like my favorite, Pygmy Hippo), meet up with a client about a collaboration over a drink, go home and either work more or plan a new project with Tiny Splendor—who are both my roommates and my printers. 
I try to surround myself with other creatives so that working becomes downtime and downtime sparks more projects. My boyfriend is an art director and chainstitch embroiderer, so we end up collaborating a lot without trying very hard. 


Looks like you always have amazing ideas for new projects. Where do you find inspiration?

I honestly feel most inspired when I’m angry. I definitely hulk out in my sketchbook and end up cracking myself up!
Your female characters are all bad ass and they seem to all carry their own individual attitudes, did any of these characters develop from personal friends or people you’ve met?
I usually just draw them from my imagination, but there are a few people that make frequent appearances. My friend Jillian Newman, for example, is definitely my muse. She’s a foul mouthed and bodacious native New Yorker that I met at age 16 in a pre-college program.


Can you share some female artists that are currently blowing your mind?

Louise Z Pomeroy aka @louisezerg
Jemma Jones aka @wolfspit
Megan Campagnolo aka @rosehoundapparel


When you put down the ink and paper, where do like to hang/chill in LA?

Something I love about LA is that each neighborhood is like it’s own universe. I try not to repeat destinations too often, but I love popping into Pygmy Hippo to shoot the shit with Emi and snacking with friends at Swingers because every lady (especially Barbara, what’s up giiiiirl) that works there is such a badass friendly babe. For drinks, I hit up dive bars with photo booths, because I’m all about cheap thrills. 

Most used iPhone app?

Instagram, of course.


Looks like you have a 4-legged buddy, who is he and how awesome is he?!

GUS! He’s pretty great. I got him through Southern California Dachshund Rescue and he is stuck to me like a googly eyed cartoon always. I also have a half blind cat with three teeth named Mischka who is pretty sweet, but Gus is always with me and therefore gets photographed more often.


Give us 3 essentials that Tuesday needs on the daily?

I have a new dress by Osei Duro from Myrtle that I love, Coconut Rose MSM lotion by SunFood, and lots of coffee. 


Are there other creative activities you wish to try in the near future?

I’ve already delved into the world of shitty stick n’ pokes, but I think neon bending would be fun! 


Name TWO truths and ONE lie about you (In random order so we can guess and most likely guess wrong).

My real name isn’t Tuesday, my favorite snack is raw cashews, I have an extra tooth. 


What’s next for Tuesday Bassen, anything cool you can share OR secret stuff your willing to spill beans on?

A few super secret things, but I also have a line coming out with Valley Cruise and a pop up at Madewell, so keep your eyes peeled.

 Stay tuned for where #Confessionsofabadassbabe lands next and K.I.T at: 
Till next time ladies and gents....keep being badass!

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