What's a 'Gypset'?

A Gypsy Jetsetter, is how blogger guru and fashionista Rocky Barnes describes herself. A bohemian inspired, sun loving, free spirited, globe trotter. Ahh, sounds nice, doesn't it? Don't we all wish we could be 'Gypset(s)'? But here at Zero Gravity, if we can't get you to the ultimate destination, we will get you the next best thing- 2 exclusive phone cases designed by Rocky herself, both influenced by her 'Gypset' ways. And yes, one SHINES, literally. 

Inspired by a recent trip to Morocco, and by her favorite flower, the Protea, Rocky knew exactly how she wanted to design her two cases. A few meetings, and some moodboards later, FLORA and SAHARA were born. Two uniquely different cases, but both with plenty of Gypset traits. Flora is our first ever metallic embroidered case (we think she's an absolute stunner), and just between us, we think metallic will be making plenty more appearances in the future. Sahara is an embroidered beauty, designed to mimic the look of an authentic woven rug straight of out Morocco and sands of The Mediterranean Sea.  



A very special thank you to boss lady and fashion guru Rocky Barnes for this partnership, and we hope you enjoy these two cases as much as we enjoyed making them.







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