5 New Music-Inspired iPhone Cases from ZGLA

The wait is over. Zero Gravity is kicking off 2017 with 5 new iPhone cases inspired by the iconic 70s California music scene. 

Boho or Bust. 

 We're celebrating the release of the new cases with a 🎧  playlist 🎧  full of the vibing 70s jams that inspired our cases - See below. Enjoy




Belle iPhone Case

The boho tech essential. The detail in 'Belle's raised floral embroidery is seldom seen on iPhone cases.  




Fern iPhone Case

Getting back to nature with 'Fern'. The 70s marked the birth of the eco movement. Fern inspires every nature lover with its raised stitching and balanced design. 




Rise iPhone Case

'Rise' up and deck your iPhone with eye-catching gold. Inspired by wide-banded, 70s tech designs. 




Wander iPhone Case

Get lost in the pops of white and gold in this embroidered floral iPhone case. 'Wander' will take you places.  




Traveler iPhone Case

'Traveler' Celebrates the revival of macramé folk art in both the 70s and the 2010s. A quintessential ZG iPhone case - retro meets nouveau. 


Boho or Bust  -  The 70s Jams Inspiring ZGLA


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