Over The Moon with iPhone 7

It seems like just yesterday I had my first iPhone 4 in my hands six years ago and here comes the brand new, shiny iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. There is a lot to be excited about with these fresh iPhones.







RIP headphone jack. You will be missed. Love, EVERYONE.

Apple is hurling us forward into the future once again whether we like it or not. I trust Apple. I am pretty sure they know what they’re doing… but it’s not going to be an easy adjustment. The idea of wireless headphones sounds great. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent untangling my little ear bud wires. The downside is the new Apple Airpods are $159 and they’re not even out yet! FINE, APPLE, FINE. Wait, what’s that, Apple? I have to charge these little pinto bean-sized things too!? Great. Just great. I guess I cannot truly pass official judgment until I have experienced them first hand. Maybe they’ll be the best thing ever. For now, I will use the headphone adapter (it’s included with the iPhone 7. Thanks, Apple!). 

Uhhh… Water and dust resistant? Yes, please! When I first heard about this feature, my mind went to underwater pool pictures! Hay! That’s not really what it means though (Boo!). It means that if you drop your iPhone 7 in the toilet (Let’s be honest, we’ve ALL done that, right?!) or spill a cocktail on it, your iPhone 7 will probably be A-okay.


Stereo speakers?! Take a seat wireless speakers, we’re gonna be good. Turn up the tunes on your iPhone 7 and relax in the park or even on the beach! 

The thing I’ve been anticipating the most is the new camera. Editing and sharing photos are my JAM. Both the 7 and 7 Plus cameras will shoot photos with a new chipset that will detect faces and bodies, set white balance, set exposure, capture wide color and reduce noise. I’m not entirely sure what this chipset thing is exactly but what I do know is my insta feed is about to get a whole lot cooler and I can hardly wait!

The MOST exciting news of all is that Zero Gravity TOTALLY has you covered when you need to protect your precious new iPhone. Check out all our designs for the iPhone 7 and preorder here


Until next time!

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